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My Tantric philosophy

The energy in Tantra

Sexual energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be transformed. In my own experience, I understood Tantra as an effort to compromise self-knowledge that transcends the sexual pathway to the spiritual path, an attempt to develop willpower and focus despite our natural instincts.

The sexual act during this spiritual journey can be a distraction, wasting the energy and motivation of the body, during this period I understood more about my instincts and how to learn to control it.

In this time of study on Tantra, I noticed within myself an increase in the amount of energy circulating within me, in my whole body, more focus, calm and much more creativity. 

I was so fascinated with the intensity of these newly awakened qualities of energy that I decided to go deeper into my study of Tantra.

Mental focus

My greatest personal growth occurred during this time, as did my deepest ideas about Tantra and my personal purpose. I tested unlimited levels of physical energy and developed a mental focus that I use to this day to control my instincts.

I believe sex is discouraged because it can be your greatest distraction, your worst enemy that takes your attention away from intensely following your spiritual path of fulfillment, but when worked consciously, the individual will know his best strength and use it for good bigger.

In my opinion we are motivated by sexual desire, we developed a larger imagination, courage, willpower, persistence and creativity that we were not even aware of. 

Sometimes the sexual energy within us is so strong that we are really willing to die, hurt others, or risk imprisoning them. Imagine if we could harness this energy and use it for other larger purposes?

The truth is that we are all sexual beings. The path of sexual transformation is not to give in to sex quickly, to deny sex, to escape sex, or even to overcome the desire for sex. It is about accepting sexual desire as part of its nature, as the base note for its superior symphony. Yes, we are sexual beings, but we are more than that – sexuality is just a little bit of the aspect of who we are or can be.

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