Yoni Egg – Therapy that awakens feminine power

Yoni egg is a polished egg-shaped stone or crystal that used for pelvic floor exercises inside the Yoni.

Yoni in Sanskrit mean womb, receptacle, origin or source; root cause of everything. In Hinduism, Yoni represents the Divine feminine power, this realm of existence, the Yoni became the sacred female worlds’ temple, a sacred feminine empowerment to the modern women.

The idea to use Yoni Eggs for healing is based on the belief that the practice can help women reconnect with their bodies, release emotional blockages stored in the womb and promote healing on a deep level.

Womb cleansing with Yoni Egg therapy has an ancient origin that dates back to different cultures around the world.

Andean ancestors used Obsidian, while Chinese women used cut Jade eggs, in Africa they used rolled stones and this diversity of practices around the world reveals something that these ancestral women knew, the importance of cleaning and awakening uterine memories to access a deep place of feminine power.

Our womb is an energetic receptacle that holds feelings and contents that can limit us and even make us ill.

The physical cleansing that menstruation is not enough to energetically purify the many things we experience throughout our lives, which is why subtle cleansing is essential because throughout our lives we face different situations that cause us pain, suffering and trauma, we women often remain stagnant, stuck and sick for years until these energies are truly released, and it is at this moment that uterine cleansing with Yoni Egg comes into its own essential to help us let die what needs to die, leave the past behind creating space in the body, womb and heart, preparing us for a future of gynecological health and powerful sexuality.

Our ancestors intuitively understood the importance of this practice and made use of Yoni Eggs, these elements coming from the deepest womb of the Earth and mother nature have specific vibrations and molecular compositions that help us to elaborate, cleanse and revitalize the contents stored in our wombs.

We have advantages that today make our cleaning process even easier, the internet that allows us to do Womb cleanings in our homes, access to quality Yoni Eggs stones that when combined with Womb cleanings make everything absurdly powerful, as we go through this cleaning process, our feminine energy begins to flow fully, bringing us back to gynaecological health and healthy sexuality, which often leaves us surprised. It is common for women when starting this journey to be surprised by the size of the impact of this therapy, because unfortunately we are used to neglecting the purification of our bellies and when we become aware of this cleaning process, we discover our true capacity for self-healing and creating the life and health we want, our clean, expanded and energized bellies will allow us to give birth to life, to health and the sexuality we all desire and deserve.

Every woman needs to have access to this wisdom because it grants us autonomy over our bodies and our feminine energy, so at this moment recognize how blessed you are to be here, know that every woman who has come this far was preceded by an ancestral lineage who had permission to access this knowledge of uterine cleansing, so honour this knowledge with respect and responsibility, let’s take the strength of our ancestry with the reprogramming of reconnection with our roots.

Self-knowledge is a chain of information about ourselves and as we delve deeper into ourselves, we expand the way we connect with our source of inspiration and vitality.

Tantric massage is a boost, for example, it expands this vision of self-knowledge, it brings clairvoyance, peace of mind and harmony with our body, pleasure, orgasm and more internal desires to be free, within ourselves.

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