Low libido: low sexual pleasure!

Low libido can come from several external and internal factors, being caused by stress, anxiety, use of medications such as antidepressants or antihypertensives, relationship problems, sex without orgasm, emotional problems, emotional imbalance, depression, emotional trauma, impotence sexual intercourse, menopause, pain during intercourse, relationship problems, hormonal changes, chronic diseases, among other factors.

As much as a person has sex, it doesn’t always mean that the libido is good. The man, for example, can have just an ejaculatory “relief” without even feeling any kind of pleasure.

Sometimes, the lack of pleasure in sexual relations can discourage the person and the desire to have these relations decreases. Thus, it is extremely necessary to identify the cause of low libido first, so that it is possible to find the best way to increase it again.

Libido is an energetic charge that originates from sexuality as a whole. Many people think that sexuality is located only in the genital system, which is not true.

Libido is an energy that makes individuals seek the realization of their basic needs, such as hunger, for example, and also all forms of pleasure.

Thus, part of the libido is repressed or destroyed through social repressive mechanisms, part is displaced to other human acts such as studying, making art, working or other activities that we consider important throughout our lives, and a last part is available for pleasure. sexual.

Libido is the energy that moves human beings to relate to objects, the environment or other people, of the same or opposite sex. If it weren’t for the libido, the human being would not start his relationship with the world and would not value it.

It is this energy that ensures that children begin to play, move around to explore the reality around them. Libido also means limits, being aware of the limits around us, recognizing what is forbidden, what is dangerous, or what is acceptable, what is free.

The ability to channel the libido to the outside world is fundamental for the balance of the human being. Problems in this channeling can lead to failures in socialization, such as autism, self-harm, compulsive masturbation and other behavioral disorders.

In common language, libido can be understood as “willingness” and to better understand this concept we can use our everyday expressions: “I’m not in the mood”; “without will there is no solution”. These forms of expression signal the importance of libido in all our actions. Libido is a term that means will and desire.

The lack of libido in women is related to frigidity or a change in sexual desire, characterized by a lack of interest in sexuality. There are many diseases, including mental and psychosomatic, which may be related to the lack or loss of libido, such as: depression, anorexia, cirrhosis, hemochromatosis, hypogonadism and others.

Among the advantages of maintaining an active sex life, libido controls cardiovascular protection, improves sleep and even controls the sensation of pain. But of course, the desire to have sex has to exist in a healthy way in everyone’s life. Testosterone in men and estrogen in women are the hormones that control libido.

Thus, testosterone is responsible for beard growth, deepening of the voice and increased muscle mass, in addition to being what stimulates sperm production in men. Estrogen, on the other hand, is a type of fat molecule, one made of cholesterol, which opens doors for the body’s cells to communicate. Normally, it is present in the body of people who menstruate, but it is not a rule.

Therefore, at certain times of the month, women have the highest libido and at other times, lower. The fertile period is usually when sexual desire increases in women and menopause, for example, low libido.

On the other hand, there are diseases that result in an excessive increase in libido, such as: obsession or OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), bipolar disorder, hyperthyroidism and syphilis. Some medications and many drugs also cause changes in libido. A pathological increase in libido is also known as sex addiction or nymphomania, satyriasis or sexual compulsion.

Low Libido and Tantra

In tantra, integrated, conscious and non-compulsive sexuality, body, mind, emotions and essence work together, as in a complete integrated system. As a result, the benefits mobilized through, including, healthy sexual practice affect the whole set of beings and are reflected in their lives.

The beneficial aspects are many, however it is best known as a profound healing tool and famous for its ability to remove sexual and energetic blockages. By doing so, a person can experience a makeover of their entire being, and be awakened to a heightened level of health and well-being, an ability to love more deeply, an increase in pleasure and orgasmic potential, as well as fulfillment. spiritual.

This sacred practice is not just an ordinary form or branch of massage. It is indeed unique because it embodies the tantric essence of energy. When this universal force is skillfully incorporated into a massage, the healing potential increases exponentially and the results or effects multiply. It can touch the deepest layers and aspects of a human being.

According to scientist Wilhen Reich, our emotions, traumas, blockages are recorded in the first layer of our musculature, including forgotten memories, such as our birth. Through practices such as tantric massage, we can awaken sleeping regions of our body, bringing these records to light, thus freeing us from emotional pain that prevent us from following our dreams and achievements. That’s why the importance of touch within Tantra.

Part of this practice brings bioelectric stimuli to the whole body, where energy discharges occur, causing us to have sensations of pleasure throughout the body and not just in the genitals as we are used to. In addition to stimulating the production of hormones such as endorphins, serotonin, oxytocin, generating states of well-being, the skin also has an immune function, scientifically proven by numerous studies. The researchers found that when stroked, the outer layer of the skin, the epidermis, produces a substance that is immunochemically indistinguishable from thymopoietin, a hormone from the thymus gland, which is active in differentiating T lymphocytes that are responsible for cellular immunity.

In a tantric session, many things can happen. It is usually about removing any blockages in the person’s body to make way for the flow of sexual energy. Free to express yourself better in the world, more alive, more active and happier. During the massage, sometimes darkness comes through, through tears or anger. But the beauty of tantra is that you can safely allow the body to access the pain of trauma, letting it emerge in a safe vessel and then be transformed by the magic of orgasm.

From there, imagine being able to have orgasms throughout your body, from head to toe!

Although massage is very important, it is not just massage that can provide all these benefits, but a series of resources such as breathing, vibrational and energetic techniques, body dynamics, meditations and even dances.

Everything we experience is reflected in our breathing and that is why it is very common for us to say and hear things like “my chest is tight”, “I have been feeling suffocated”, “I haven’t even had time to breathe”, “I need to take a holiday to experience other airs”, “I’m uninspired”, etc. Even without realizing it, we talk a lot about breathing. But we breathe little and badly… This can be easily and quickly changed. Just as the tensions of life create tensions in the breath, when we develop awareness of our breathing and make it relaxed and easy, we are having an effect in all areas of our lives.
The effects of tantric massage and all other techniques are profoundly therapeutic, and we witness daily cures for respiratory disorders, stress, anxiety, phobias, panic and many other imbalances. But what is more frequent are the reports of relief, well-being, emergence of understanding, integration, acceptance, pleasurable experiences of contact with one’s own body and deepening in meditative states.

I recommend that people who suffer from actions caused by an increase or decrease in libido go through the process of sensory re-education, where pleasure and affection are explored consciously and with a non-sexual purpose, opening the way for mobilization and expansion of sexual energy through your body to an energetic peak known as a hyperorgasm.

Tantric massage is therapeutic, a harmonizing and healing process, which has no sexual connotations.

My name is May Gonzalez, I am tantric massage teacher and sexual re-education. I guide you, through special and contemporary techniques, to control anxiety, stress and improve your sex life. Getting to know your body and its sensory perception of arousal will free you from frustrations and will give you real pleasure and a prolonged feeling of well-being in return. 

This is how I conduct a Tantra massage session.

Each session is tailored to each person’s needs.

Work that I am extremely grateful for all the transformations, discoveries, gifts, stories, awareness, exchanges, shares, relationships and beauties that it has given me and gives me every opportunity to experience and attend.

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