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“With the light of the Sun we see the Lingam, the male phallus, and like the dark night that we cannot see, there is our Yoni, who represents the Moon, the night, the unknown, the Lingam, the known, the visible and our Yoni the invisible, the intuitive pathway and senses.”

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Imagine feeling fully alive…

Experiencing the strong Womb Awakening Activation with open heart and senses…

Transform your relationship with your sexuality into knowledge.

Discovering and delve into your body’s psychophysical energetic system.

Understanding what Sacred Sexuality.

Take a great trip inside your Womb

Womb awakening is a magnificent achievement that immerses yourself deeply into the knowledge of your Womb and body, heal your pain, reclaim your treasure of knowledge and source of bliss, this workshop is to guide you to the Wisdom of the Feminine – obliterated and obfuscated by patriarchal religion.

Womb awakening is a comprehensive and unrivalled guide to the hidden wisdom of the womb. You have this knowledge held within you, unlock and understand the most popularize 8 type of orgasm in Tantra for example and plus some curiosity about the Fine Nectar of Female ejaculation. It’s time to reclaim our creative womb. Start small, grow big into this journey of self-discovery, perseverance and commitment to break out of your comfort zone and commit to fulfilling your personal purpose.

Tantra is a mystery school

There are Tantric tools and techniques that offer a path to your deepest fulfilment and Womb awakening.

Tantra is not about sex or masturbation.

Tantra is a complete study of your psychophysical energetic system

The Yoni Power

The Yoni your Vagina, Womb, Clitoris and your full reproductive feminine area. Known your Yoni is an exceptional opportunity to experience true loving, healing, and respectful touch in your innermost being – without having to give anything back. I provide in this workshop the treasure indulgent of the knowledge of your Yoni with a heartfelt wish that you experience your inner sacred space and delight of the evolutions of love and satisfaction, the ultimate goal of tantric is united the pure love and cosmic consciousness an infinity of energies waits to unlock the divine secrets inside you.

Functional Basis

Goal: Bring more body awareness, balance and energization to your life.

Mapping: Full Yoni Mapping, reflexology points and all kinds of tantric orgasms.

Development: Increase the perception of your sexual energy, change the circulation of body energy, development and control according to your needs.

Personal growth

Goal: Expansion of consciousness, integration of transpersonal/spiritual experiences into ordinary life.

Mapping: Desires, symbology and dynamics of the personal deep unconscious.

Development: Use of orgasmic energy to expand consciousness and to develop unusual, extrasensory perceptions.

Matriarchal Lineage

Goal: Ancient Past knowledge of women who understand other women.

Mapping: Lineages and ancestral knowledge, lunar cycle, menstruation, healing, how our body’s energy communication works, personal practices and spirituality.

Development: Develop your own personal daily practice depending on the phase the personal and universal moon are in.

May Gonzalez

Who Facilitates The Workshop?

May Gonzalez, Tantric Massage Teacher, Yoga Teacher, Sexual Dysfunctions Specialist according to Tantra Lineage Traditions, Ayurveda masseuse, Reiki Healer, Sex Coach, Post Graduate in Human Sexuality with highest licensed qualifications in the Art of Tantra and Energy Healing, works in the field of Tantra since 2016, formed by the International Yoga Alliance and having specialized in matriarchal matrilineal tantra (knowledge passes woman by woman) in different places in the world such as Egypt, Bali, Ireland, Brazil, Greece, Spain among others, travels the world looking for new knowledge.

She has served over 10,000+ people (Woman, men and Couple) in person the last 5 years in Ireland and Portugal, given private mentorships to 1:1 women, and since 2020 has been facilitating online courses such as orgasmic development for women, and workshop, all related to Tantra and Sacred Sexuality.

The course navigates between several lineages of knowledge, uniting Tantra and Modern Science within our feminine psychophysical energetic system and, opening these channels that connect your body, you can have a real perception of how to manipulate the energy we generate in an abundant and free, direct from Earth, through our Yoni, for any topic that we need to pay attention to at the moment.

“I have always been curious about my body, my sexual energy and my sexuality, and I have always believed that we have the power to transform our reality through plausible and structured knowledge. Everything has a meaning and a purpose on this planet. I realized that incorporating tantric practices, Yoga and a balanced diet according to my body in my daily routine, effortlessly, particles are transformed daily, making any experience very subtle, peaceful and also powerful. It can be generating energy for a creative project, breathing and sharpening sensations and intuition, healing any anomaly within our human body, making love in a deeper and more connected way, regulating menstrual cycle and etc…. The benefits are many!”

“As I go deeper into my practices and studies, it becomes easier to put aside some addiction such as coffee, milk and meat, my life became lighter, my intuition increased, and consequently I became more aware of my body and my desires, my life has become more orgiastic, yes you can incorporate the word orgasm into your everyday life!”

And this is just some examples of the many that I can cite of how to live Tantra and not only practice it, it has brought benefits to the reality I experience for myself, my friends and dear clients.

If we want to transform our history, we must first change our identity. And this is much easier when we have full control over our big laboratory, which we call the human body. And that is what tantra does.”

May Gonzalez


Tantra is a philosophy, lifestyle or science, tantric massage is part of tantric teachings, it’s like getting a degree in medicine and having a speciality as a gynaecologist.

All content covered in this course will be about Tantra and not about tantric massage. 


Yes, online via Zoom.

No. This course is specifically aimed at women. It does not include any knowledge about the male psychophysical energy system.

Yes, does the course contain valuable information about self-love with one’s own body.

Certainly. These three topics speak of the relationship with our own sexuality.

Yes. You plugging in your PFE system, mapping and practicing will generate a lot of fertility.

Yes, In this approach of my course yes, but you need to be vigilant.

Certainly. It will be a new look at your bodily memories.

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There is not! Menopausal and post-menopausal women are also welcome!

Wear comfortable and light clothes, this course is not get involve any kind of naked or nude practice.

Girls from their menarche (first period)

Of course, 1:1 in-person sessions are for tantric massage only.

Yes, during the practice you need it, but not your Yoni internally.

Practical and theoretical

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