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Meet May Gonzalez

Dear sacred seeker, I honour you to step forward into this magical realm of Tantra, pleasure to meet you!

I'm May Gonzalez, Creator of Sensitive Wellness, Tantra Massage Teacher, Yoga Teacher, Sexual Dysfunctions Specialist and lots of more.

I am so in love to be able to share my passion and expertise with you through my website.

I understand that freedom in sexuality is within reach for everyone, and that with the surrender and sacredness, you can achieve your full potential and live a fulfilling and meaningful life.

I believe when our love does not have roots and our power is not connected to the heart, suffering is birthed.

The key is for you to wake to your own inner knowing.

Come with me
With love,
May Gonzalez

The self healing path

ORGASM & sadred sexuality

The body is the central vessel of Tantrism. It's Divine. It houses its hidden depths, unsuspected potentialities and extraordinary energies.

Tantric massage awakens all this possibilities inside you!

We understand that orgasm is an expansion towards the Divine, your body in its entirety, full consciousness and also a spiritual and sensorial moment and a celestial manifestation of pure pleasure, expansion and explosion of energy.

The purpose of Tantra is to bring you to your full expression and understanding, to cultivate your body in all its forms, implications, subjections, joys and sorrows and to somehow free yourself from it all.

Be free...

What is Authentic Tantra Massage?

Tantra or Tantric massage is used for a process of body and mental self-knowledge. It is also used as a therapeutic process in cases of trauma, abuse and sexual dysfunction.

Understanding sexual energy is critical to a healthier sex life, as it is the most powerful energy we have – and the most underrated, too. Tantra has the possibility to develop this sexual mind and body connection in a healthy way.

How often should I do authentic tantric massage sessions?

If you're looking for self-knowledge, body awareness, personal development, full orgasmic and energetic potential, self-esteem, personal empowerment or who wish to solve sexual dysfunctions.

How often should I do authentic tantric massage sessions? Or is there an ideal frequency for the results to be even better for the body?

If you are one of those passionate about the universe of Authentic Tantra Massage, you know that you could undergo sessions almost every day, right? After all, they are pleasurable and make the day much lighter and more orgasmic.

Self-knowledge, health, well-being and happiness

Shall we talk about sexuality?

Throughout life, men and women go through different experiences that build their sexual repertoire and the way in which desire is manifested. Do you know your body? Are you using the full potential of your desire? Do you have a satisfying sex life?
Tantric massages seek to awaken the libido, expand the orgasmic sensation and make you take advantage of the immense energy potential that you have. Change your life through Tantra.

Explore the options

Tantra for Men

The ultimate connection with your body. A profound journey experience that culminates in being at one with the Divine. Explore your feelings and sensations!


Tantra for PE

Men Vitality is a collection of practice, insights, meditations and tantric massage from a conservation and cultivation of sexual energy and semen retention.


Tantra For Women

An opportunity to explore what it means to be an Integrated Woman. Look into your body and discover its secrets, its sensuality, its immense capacity for pleasure.


Tantric Rituals

The authentic tantric tradition presents a unique opportunity to discover the Divine through the use of ancient rituals and practices to increase pleasure.


Orgasmic Developing

Understand and learn how to feel, control, develop and awaken the female orgasmic potential of the body. Your body deserves to feel pleasure.


Yoni Mapping

 Yoni mapping is a self-empowerment of the feminine sacred womb, to heal and release traumas or feelings whether that’s emotional, spiritual, or physical.


Self Touch for Women

Self touch is a practice for intimate connection combine of mindfulness, self pleasure and magic sensations.


Tantra for Couple

I guide the couple to surrender to one another and to the divinity of sacred sensuality, in the same room, with 1 or 2 tantrikas (Tantra practitioners) at the same time, with fresh perspective of love without limits for a sacred container.


Womb Awakening

Womb awakening is a magnificent achievement that immerses yourself deeply into the knowledge of your Womb and body, heal your pain, reclaim your treasure of knowledge and source of bliss.


Tantric Consultation

Tantric Alignment – Online Consultation is a conversation if you want to expand your experience before the session, how Tantra Massage Works in your body, uniquely shaped according to your unique needs.


Awake your full body potential!

Discovery the Tantric Highest level of consciousness and explore new sensations and sublime happiness.

Awake your full body potential and ignite your sexual energy!

Release traumas by opening your sexuality and precious life-force energy in love, embracing any traumatic memories and toxic patterns back into love, and remembering how beautiful and pristine your bodies and emotional and soulful sexual desires are.

Embrace the full voice of your rage, anger and shame and allow the balm of forgiveness or acceptance to flow into this contracted places of despair, pain, hate and self-hatred.

Our sexual energy is beautiful, and it belongs to us!

Tantra is a journey back to self-love and self-respect to help bloom your vitality and sacred sexuality.

Filled with rituals, ceremonies and self-reflexion, Tantric Journey is brimming with magick.


The Authentic Aproach of Tantra

In Tantra, the body is seen as the means for knowledge, physical, mental and spiritual ascent; leading to the discovery of energy consciousness points that favor the connection with all of Nature, offering a state of fullness and creative consciousness, due to the connection between Man and the Divine Source.

With a client-centered approach founded on authentic principles of high professional standards, practice, ethics and tantric education, offered with an intention of pure love for the purpose of healing.

Authentic Tantra Massage

Tantric Massage is perfect for those who want to arouse body sensitivity, raise their positive energy and discover new sensations of your body.

Tantra Workshop for Couple

The happiness and fulfillment in a couple relationship with that introduces an enlightened master perspective on love and attachment.

Tantra for Woman (Yoni)

Yoni massage allows you to explore your body in a slow, methodical, and delightful way and focuses on several sensitive areas of the woman’s body...

Tantra for Men (Lingam)

Lingam massages aim to help the receiver truly take hold of their intimate power and connect with new sensations and bliss.

Tantric Rituals

The great tantric tradition of India presents a unique opportunity to discover the Divine through the use of ancient rituals and ritualistic...

Tantra & Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic massage is based on the ancient Indian principles of Ayurvedic medicine and marma points, designed to heal the body and create a balance...

Welcome to my sacred tantric world, my name is May Gonzalez, I specialized in the ancient art of Authentic Tantra Massage. I offer a safe space where you can heal your pain, reclaim your birthright to enjoy sex as pleasure, and regain sexual mastery of your own success.

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Vaginismus and Authentic Tantra Massage


what people say about my treatments

Amazing professional, it was my first experience with tantra and my experience was amazing, I can't describe how I felt, I will definitely want to continue this therapy, the therapist was super attentive with a amazing energy, high recommendation

Wow, What can I say about this transcending experience? Incredible! Still without words, just felling the energy of my inner power that I never thought I was able to. Amazing to get to know myself deeper and with Mayara's help. Such talent person with gentle touch, excellent vision and sense about what to do. Can't wait to come back! Many thankss!!

My Special Offer

You owe yourself this moment

My sophisticated form of Tantra Massage can bring about miraculous healing effects and is very therapeutic in nature.


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