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Tantric massage is a style of massage based on Tantra philosophy, that emerged in 2500 BC, whose origin was born in the Drávida culture, people who lived in the Indus River valley, where today it is known as Pakistan. It has its roots in Tantra Yoga.

With conscious touch session, subtlety to increase body sensitivity and conscious awareness relax, breathe, unwind and connect with yourself as I help you experience the healing powers of mindful touch therapy Tantra Massage. I dedicate ourselves to your unique needs. You will discover your body, interaction of mind, body and spirit. The touch of the therapeutic Ayurvedic Massage in conjunction with Tantra makes the whole body relax, awakens the sensory and energetic regions of the body and leads to the awakening of body awareness directed from the lower centres (feet and legs) to the upper centres (head) and crown. It is a deep and complete body relaxation. This bodywork massage is perfect for those who want to arouse body sensitivity, know bioelectricity, raise their positive energy and discover new sensations of your body.

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Awakening Into pleasure Tantra Workshop Exclusive for Women

Discovery Tantric Highest level of consciousness and explore new sensations for confidentially and sublime happiness.

Awake your pleasure potential and ignite your erotic energy!

Filled with rituals, ceremonies and self-reflexion, the Tantric Journey is brimming with magick.


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