4 ways to transmute a sexual energy

Sexual energy is a very powerful and potent life force that connect you to your primal source of existence. 

In a Tantric Massage or even the Ritual session, sexual energy is awakened because is the main focus to heal the whole body. Some specifics Tantric techniques are made to open up and rise the Kundalini

As you relax, your body and mind enter into a deep trance, when the healing begins and emotions start flowing. When negative emotions (anger, grief, fear, hurt, shame, guilt, etc) leave the body, positive ones like happiness, unconditional love, peace, harmony can come in.

We all have this sexual energy inside us, and it is a very powerful energy. It even has the power to create life.
Sexual Energy is a Life Force.
Sexual energy means different things for different people, and can be described in the following ways – sensual, erotic, ecstatic, orgasmic, and powerful.
Some of us are very connected to it, while others have not yet had the chance to discover it.
Sexual energy is more than just for making love and reproduction, it is life force that when trained can be used like fuel to bring vitality to the body, a glow to the skin, joy to the heart and vibrant thinking to the mind, as well as a healing force for spiritual growth and enlightenment.
In fact, sexual energy is so powerful and transformative, I think this is one of the reasons why it has been suppressed for ages.

Harnessing your Sexual Energy

Having a strong sex drive simply isn’t enough – you must also learn how to use it. Sexual transformation, or transmutation, means changing your energy and thoughts from physical expression to energy and thoughts of another, usually creative, purpose.

Speaking directly to your question, however, of physical sexual impulses and needs, the therapist recommend being careful and conscious around diet, exercise, entertainment we view, and the people we associate with. Let me begin with a list of simple things to consider:

1. Diet

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables; drink clear and pure water; and avoid or minimize fried foods, processed foods, white bread, white flour, white sugar, and caffeine. Ground almonds, added to juice, or eaten / chewed whole, are considered helpful. Stimulating hot and spicy foods, too much garlic or onion, or radishes may stimulate the sex nerves. Grapes are good for devotion, but wine and alcohol in general are sexual stimulants.

2. Exercise like Yoga is very helpful

Yoga as exercise is a physical activity consisting mainly of postures, often connected by flowing sequences, sometimes accompanied by breathing exercises, and frequently ending with relaxation lying down or meditation or regular exercise can help prevent excess weight gain or help maintain weight loss. When you engage in physical activity, you burn calories. The more intense the activity, the more calories you burn.

3. Discover new hobbies:

 In general, it is important to stay centred within and ignore sexually stimulating situations or people. Keep your eyes “to yourself.”

Think about it: Whatever you’ve been doing until now has not resulted in you becoming any happier. Well, then, doesn’t it sound pretty logical that you need to do something that you’ve never done before? What is something that you would like to do but never tried?

Engage in artistic, cultural or service activities to re-direct creative energy to a higher level. Do you have an artistic or creative hobby or interest? Do you enjoy helping others? Find ways and find people who are energetic and creative and who serve others without ego. Think of others first. This will help re-direct blocked or frustrated energy.

4. Sexual energy as a life force:

The creative energy manifesting at that reproductive, sexual level. It has an infinite variety of other ways to express itself. Without it, we would be dull and lifeless. It is sacred and holy. The question is how to channel it. Don’t be afraid of it. Its strength is second only to our impulse to remain alive and survive! It is a gift. The opportunity, then, at every stage of life, is how to use this gift for spiritual awakening and service.

Truth is, we are all sexual beings. The path of sexual transformation is not about rapidly indulging sex desires, or denying, running away, or even overcoming the desire. It is about accepting sexual drive as part of your nature, as the base notes to your higher symphony. Yes we are sexual beings, but we are more than just that – sexuality is just once aspect of who we are.

I have seen many who think they forget or simply ignore their sexual instincts and thus decide to flee or ignore the sexual elements of their nature, considering them primitive or mediocre. Don’t make this mistake, the mistake of confusing the idea of spirituality with that of escaping or repressing aspects of your authentic being

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