Female orgasm: Myths, Truths, Curiosities and tips

The female orgasm is an immeasurable universe, we women are beings with infinite possibilities. And pleasure is one of them. Allow yourself!

What is Orgasm?

From a physical point of view, orgasm is a response of the nervous system to stimuli that are applied to the genitals.

The sensation of pleasure is achieved by a sum of stimuli, not only physical, but also visual and imaginary stimuli and the complicity that exists between the partners in the relationship.

During orgasm, it is still common to feel a rapid heartbeat, involuntary muscle contraction, spasms and increased respiratory rate. Then there is a relaxation of the whole body, and vital functions return to normal values.

Female Orgasm

It is believed that in women pleasure occurs in a more complex way, hence the importance of knowing one’s own body.

This knowledge allows us to perceive what provides pleasure, what causes pain, what causes discomfort and also what does not produce any effect.

Self-knowledge and psychological state are fundamental to reach the peak of pleasure, known as orgasm. Stress, anxiety and depressive syndromes interfere with a couple’s personal and sexual life. It is currently the most common cause of reduced libido and difficulties in intimate relationships.

Orgasm should not be seen as the ultimate goal of a sexual relationship, but a consequence of the partner’s interest, involvement, desire and knowledge about their own sexuality.

How to reach female orgasm?

Orgasm happens naturally. Experts say that knowing your own body, knowing what you like, what makes you feel good, and sharing it with your partner, helps in communication between couples and allows relationships to be true and pleasurable.

These tips can be a good start to increasing the quality of your sex life. For further clarification, talk to your doctor or a professional in this area.

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Is it normal not to have an orgasm?

No, it is not normal, orgasm is physiological, in this case at first the woman should find a medical treatment to identify the causes.

Up to 75% of women have some form of difficulty reaching orgasm.

Possible causes of the absence of female orgasm


Anorgasmia is the inability to reach orgasm despite sexual stimulation and arousal. It can happen to both men and women. In men, anorgasmia is usually accompanied by the absence of ejaculation.

The 3 types of Anorgasmia


Never had any kind of orgasm in the entire life, data says that about 1% of the world’s population of women have never felt this kind of sensation.


It happens followed by some kind of physical, emotional or phycological situation, that is, it means that these women somehow already had an orgasm, they know the sensations, but now there are difficulties to reach the climax.

Situational anorgasmia

You can’t climax because of some kind of situation that is happening at that moment, for example, thought about your ex, you can’t have orgasm if you don’t touch your clitoris, thought about a bill you needed to pay, the bill you didn’t pay, or that is, you cannot turn off your thoughts.

Curiosities about the female orgasm

Is orgasm the same as ejaculation?

It’s different things. Orgasm is the height of pleasure, and female ejaculation is the famous squirting. Orgasm does not necessarily come with ejaculation, because a very small number of women can ejaculate.

No liquid came out when I had orgasm is this normal?

Yes, nothing needs to come out of the vagina to have an orgasm, the woman needs to have the lubricant inside the vagina so she doesn’t have any kind of discomfort, pain during penetration or contrary to men for example that is followed by ejaculation.

I had a squirting, but I didn't have an orgasm, happens?

Yes, women can have female ejaculation, but it will not necessarily be followed by orgasm, for example, a woman who makes pompous, can often feel this kind of pleasure.

Clitoral or vaginal orgasm? which one is easier to reach?

Clitoral orgasm is much easier to achieve because of the amount of nerve endings that the clitoris has, about 8000 thousand, the clitoris is a female organ with the sole purpose of generating pleasure.

What to do to feel orgasm?

1 – Eliminate mental distractors and relax.

2 – Foreplay should last between 15 and 20 minutes.

3 – Intimate bodybuilding can intensify orgasm.

4 – Self-knowledge such as masturbation, use of vibrators, tantric massage for women, self-touch, among others.

5 – It is possible to have orgasm by practicing physical activities.

Orgasm is information that the body takes to the brain in response, so just enjoy it and relax.

Having an orgasm today is no guarantee that you will have an orgasm forever.

If you, a woman, don’t realize your own body, you don’t know what is capable of causing arousal, what you like the most, what can drive you to “crazy”, how can you expect someone else to do it?

Before demanding too much from our partners, we are the ones who need to find the way.

What matters is having fun. Regardless of the type of orgasm.

Not having any kind of sensation to the touch is not normal, it is often a lack of self-knowledge. Self-touch, for example, is important for female self-knowledge, discovery through pleasure is not a sin and life was made to live and enjoy the best sensations that life can offer, with lightness, satisfaction, pleasure and responsibility.

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