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Tantric Massage Training

Tantric Massage Training to become a Professional Tantric masseuse/masseur.
Tantra is today a instrument of healing is far-reaching and, in fact, very powerful. Famed for its ability to remove sexual and energetic blockages from the body, but it can also eradicate common dysfunctions, an inability to achieve deep states of orgasm (especially in the case of women), and other psychosomatic issues. This is a beautiful way to learn about intimacy healing, the very beneficial aspects of touch also energy exchange and to bring restorative, sacred realieve to your partner or clients.

The Essence of Tantra

The starting point for a tantric path is to be comfortable with our mind, to relax and to be well with ourselves.

It is our mind that processes pleasure, that creates fiery and fervent fantasies and desires, so controlling the mind is having control of our body. Tantra teaching basic meditation techniques, to bring the person back to the present, even though these days it is not easy, meditation is used as an indispensable tool for Tantra practitioners and for the most fast-paced and stressed minds.

Learn about sexuality

Sexuality is about your feelings, thoughts, attractions and behavior towards other people.

Tantric teachings help to interpret, and help people to discover more about their own orgasmic state and how to extend it, how to feel it, deeper, more comprehensive and more powerful. For some, discovering their sexuality can be a very liberating, exciting and positive experience.

The practice teachings

Learn the principles and techniques of tantric massage
  • Conscious breathing
  • The kunkalini energy
  • How to prepare the body to receive the massage
  • Sacred rituals
  • Balance of energy and Chakras massage
  • How to wake up to orgasm 

Genital massage and reflexology (Yoni and Lingam)

Understanding about Lingam and Yoni massage.

The whole body becomes revitalized when all the surfaces of the genitals are stimulated. A network of reflex points corresponding to all areas of the body is located on both the penis and vagina, as on the feet and hands. Learn the most used techniques in tantric massage.

Tantric Course

Advantages of Taking this Class

By May Gonzalez

This course is designed to present the essence of Tantra in an intensive format. It is divided into a full day teaching:

Theoretical part on Authentic Tantra, the art of sexual energy and intimate healing
Practical part on Tantric Massage, Orgasm techniques and Genital Massage.

This course is open to singles, couples and/or professionals who want to explore and learn about true and Authentic Tantra and will explore different aspects and benefits if you want to folow the tantric path.

Other Learnings

May your experience be beneficial, harmonious and spiritually rewarding

The training takes a full day  – 4 hour each blocks (Theory and Practice). Changes may be made.

You will learn privately or from your partner. For individual training, we provide a model.

Private Cabinet, shower, towels, candles, organic and essential heated massage oils.

How to prepare the environment, massage equipment, preparation for massage and professional environment.

Basic principles in tantric massage, the mental openness for relaxation, concentration and state of mind for tantric massage therapist.

Tantric massage protocols and general massage sequence, divided according to segments of the body.

Important practical elements, to ensure a successful and balanced course experience and important students resources.

A printed manual with detailed descriptions of Tantric Massage techniques and principles, including photos.

A certificate of participation is awarded after the successful completion of the training program.

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