Tantra massage for dysfunctions

Tantra Massage for Dysfunction is a solution combination of Tantric knowledge, Breathwork and tantra massage for beginners to advanced.

Become a man with a new perspective, appetite and sexual competence to understand their limitation, liberation and sexual rebirth.


Tantra Massage for Dysfunction is my signature experience to recovery men who suffer from PE.

Tantra massage combined with specific breathing techniques can provide pleasurable sensations, it is not a myth, they are techniques and yes, they exist.

Tantric massage for Premature Ejaculation is just a trigger for self-knowledge. And to learn the secret behind it, I present tantra techniques that will make you love more intensely, have a longer and pleasurable time and intense climates.

Tantra Massage for Dysfunction method It potentiates new stimuli other than masturbation and can take you to hyper orgasmic experiences and make you experience pleasure like you’ve never experienced before.

Be relaxed and connected with body and soul. It’s a matter of savouring, being in control of your sensations and being present at the moment. In addition, you will find that the quality of your breathing will improve, as will your levels of passion and overall body awareness.

Remember your finest sexual moments? Were you panicked, rushing, under duress or feeling stressed-out? No, of course you weren’t. Indeed, tantra massage is about to surrender and letting your sexual energy flow.

Learn it
Control it
Taste it
Enjoy it

self-love is key

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One tantra tool, tantric breathing, allows you to focus on and heal those mental stresses that are stopping you from performing. You would be surprised exactly what you can achieve in your body and mind by learning the right breathing techniques.​


Tantra accepts as you're and who you are. Embrace your dark side too? Tantra invites you to grow in consciousness. To let you see what you call “bad/dark/undesirable” is an inherent part of you/life. And don’t be afraid: I will be here you guide you in your journey.

emotional detox

Tantra Massage works specifically to resolving emotional and sexual blocks or traumas. To melt and dissolve any negative thoughts and feelings that creates stressful blockages, ultimately stopping you from unleashing your true erection potential. ​


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be present

When you fully use your senses you will become alive again. So use your senses consciously. Your body, your senses are always in the present moment. Enjoy it and stay there, don’t wander off. Taste, touch, smell, listen, see without memory (seen it, done it, been there…). Be fresh and innocent again.

Trust your process

Our current society inculcates in man that virility requires the absence of emotions, he is oriented to behave in a military way, to repress any emotion, to ignore the body’s messages. He must endure discomfort, pain is fear, in order to better fight and conquer, whether on the battlefield, in the bedroom or not at work. He must be aggressive and domineering, while the woman, passive and submissive!


Men with ED (erectile dysfunction) or PE (premature ejaculation) can benefit from practising tantra in many ways:



Focus on your chapter, techniques, and exercises that will help you to increase satisfaction.



Balance your energy, free any expectation and enjoy the present moment and make changes in your sexual lives.



Discover what prevent you from having the full pleasure of your orgasm and learn the best techniques for you to control your ejacultation.



I will show you the way to expand these sensations into whole-body orgasm, and to extend your arousal with your breathing into longer and more intense.


I will show you the way to maintain your sexual health and healing over the course of your life, and show you how you can begin to use it for your emotional and spiritual growth.


Explore your sexual energy and your pleasure anatomy and bring back your vitality, if your energy is drained by demanding work, family, responsivities, financial stress.


Tantra is the path of intelligence, it’s not questioning, just feeling, it’s surrendering completely to the unknown, it’s feeling everything, and being part of a whole, it’s just being One, is unconditional love, Tantra is going beyond thoughts, no mind, Tantra is the healing of the tired mind that does not stop thinking, that is always accelerated, it is the answer to the escape of thoughts that do not they give you answers, that doesn’t let you live in the present, that you are always questioning, Tantra is the middle way, balance, peace.


All sensations, all pleasures, all ways of feeling, and understand your limitations

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