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Tantra Massage For couple

Tantra Massage for couple to dive into deeper intimacy combined the pleasures of transcendent consciousness with the charms of sexuality.

You and your beloved will be taken on an exhilarating journey of tantric bliss.

It's a 100% practical workshop and experiential exercises designed to infuse the couple's mind, body and spirit.

Learn how to give a tantric massage to your beloved in this amazing news discovery Tantra workshop for a couple.

Hot Tips for Couple


Tantric lovemaking is all about being conscious. It involves setting up a beautiful sacred space with flowers, scents and lush fabrics, using breathing techniques, and enhancing all the senses through, for example, eye-gazing and massage. This creates a sense of the sacred and increases intimacy and spiritual connection with your partner – and the spirit within you.

Build together


The root of attraction, and especially erotic attraction in a relationship, is polarity (masculine and feminine, Yang and Yin) is a engine of the attraction that keeps the couple relationship in the flow of their love – the dance between masculine and feminine. In Tantra, it is known as the dance between Shiva and Shakti – the universal meeting between masculine and feminine.

Grow together


Experience relationship as a spiritual path and grow together, explore the delights of relationship, heal together, open to unconditional love and pleasure, and learn the communication of compassion.

Learn Intimacy


You and tour partner might be drawn to Tantra because you want to improve your sex life, or you might already have a juicy sex life but want to experience deeper connection with your partner, and to join up your spiritual life with your sex life. Maybe you’re just curious to find out more.

Connect with your partner


When there’s intimacy in your relationship, you and your partner are able to form a bond that can make your relationship go the distance.

The intimacy of care


Making a cup of coffee for your partner in the morning may not seem like a big deal, but over time, it can contribute to your relationship’s success.

Body, soul and communication


It’s a way to boost up your energy by letting your body talk and at the same time relax completely in high energy voltage.

Awakening Tantric Touch


Let love flow out of your hands. Let your sexual energy participate. Sexual energy, however, is different from sexual enactment.

Journey to Heaven


During the trip, you physically breathe through your mouth, but virtually through the chakra where you are. Breathe loose and relaxed.

The lovers’ greeting ritual


Filled with Ritual, ceremonies, self-reflection and love intimacy, this journey is brimming with magick.

Lessons for Couple

What do you learn in Magic Fusion Immersion for couple

Open up the arms, minds, and hearts to the experience of the most indulgent sensations and pleasure for you and your beloved!

You and your beloved will get personalized teachings of:

Conscious touch
How often do you touch your partner?
Would you like to learn the secrets of a mind-blowing orgasmic whole body healing touch?
Would you like to explore it with yourself and your partner(-to-be)?

Immersive sensual massage
Techniques of the chakra massage
Techniques to increase pleasure
Awaken Eros to inspire your partner, love, passion and growth in your couple relationship.

Immerse yourself in sensual delights and breath-taking orgasms.


Introductions of Tantra

  • Tantra the Art of Energy
  • The Beauty in Tantra
  • Sexual Energy
  • How Tantric Massage works
  • How the body reacts to Tantra


Learn Intimacy

  • Second Lesson: The couple learn the basic principle of tantric massage techniques, an esoteric exploration of the male and female chakra system. This initiation supports you to deepen intimacy, purge stagnation from your relationship, open your heart to receptive, conscious communication, heal sexual dysfunction, and experience sacred sexuality.


Sensual Awakening

  • Third Lesson: The couple learn about t Lingam massage (male genital massage) and Yoni massage (female genital massage) and the basic principle about genital reflexology.
  • Exploring love relationship through the door of the senses, psychic sensitivity and heightened pleasure become easily accessible.


Exalted Union

  • Fourth Lesson: You and your partner repeat everything to each other and also receive new techniques, tips and exercises designed for you and your next steps as a couple.

Tantric Lessons for Couple

Common questions

Tantra is a very practical method, based on practical experience, devotion and some rituals it’s involving your bodies, your senses, your emotions.

Rituals help us to connect with the divine (wherever your beliefs), to see the magic in every little thing, to celebrate this gift of existence we were given.

Though Tantra is a non-dogmatic system that can easily adapt to different epochs, contexts and people, rituals are there also to remind us of the path to self-realisation because as humans we easily lose this path and indulge in pleasure without a direction.

Tantra workshop for couple, it’s very structured. It takes between 3 and 4 hours, and they include some theory, meditations, some practical exercises and intimate massages. I’ll provide for couples a few insights about Tantra and intimacy touch.

Firstly, there are often many exercises and practical tools that you will do in couples.

Secondly, the workshop is about getting more intimacy, more connection, be more confident and discovery where your partner want to be touching (only both of you). This Tantra workshops is not about to having sex with your partner, however, you will learn different tools to increase pleasure and spend more time with your partner instead.

Third, Also you can learn too how to reconnect with your own body, with your sexuality, get to know the pleasures your partner enjoys, the joy of living together again, all the affection, celebration, and new discoveries. You will dive into a deep journey and push far beyond the limits of my comfort zone as a couple.

Meditations, questionaries, practical and experiential exercises, touch techniques to increase pleasure, etc…

It depends on how new you are to Tantra, with touch of intimacy, sexuality, and how willing you are both to learn about your partner’s intimacy, but it was still nice to hear from you about your experience before the workshop, and you can give me a few tips that both of you are looking for.
Tantra workshop for couples is the only way to get more involved with your partner,

Notice: I not work with tantra massage for couple, if you want it’s made in separate time.

This workshop is for couple and all gender identities. Bring your partner or a friend! Make it playful or ecstatic, if you will.

Wear comfortable clothes.

There is nudity, only practitioner, not co-facilitator

No sex is involved

You are free to explore as much as you feel comfortable. No need to go beyond boundaries unless you want it and can ask for it.

The couple confidentiality is one of the agreements we’ll take before we start the workshop, along with other agreements that help to navigate the space and feel safe.

The workshop is designed to be sensual, not sexual. Vulnerability is encouraged and emotions are welcome.

We agree to take full responsibility for our experience & take charge of our requests and responses for the duration of the workshop.

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