Womb consciousness


Discover your true capacity for self-healing and co-creative inside your womb.

Yoni Egg therapy

The Divine Feminine


Yoni in Sanskrit mean womb, receptacle, origin or source; root cause of everything. In Hinduism, Yoni represents the Divine feminine power, this realm of existence, the Yoni became the sacred female worlds’ temple, a sacred feminine empowerment to the modern women.

Yoni is associated to women’s vitality and creative power. This includes developing an intimate relationship with the body to dissolve shame, guilt and past traumas.

The realm of Yoni is the home of kundalini, source of sexual energy, that’s remain dormant until the feminine wounds allow the balm of forgiveness and surrender to embrace them all.

Yoni Egg Therapy

Yoni egg is a polish egg-shaped stone or crystal come in different sizes, and in different types of stones that, after being sanitized and energized, are inserted into the vaginal canal, as medicine to heal female physical and emotional illnesses.

Yoni Egg is an ancestral and sacred medicine for women who wish to energetically heal and cleanse emotional wounds from traumas such as rejection, abandonment, humiliation, injustices, betrayal and abuse that are registered in the womb for generations.

In addition, to strengthening the pelvic floor, preventing diseases, increase sexual pleasure, bring awareness and balance to the body, healing PMS (premenstrual syndrome), cramps, sexual blockage, pain during sexual intercourse, difficulty in having an orgasm, in addition to diseases related to the uterus, such as myoma, cyst, endometriosis, among others.

The womb is an energetic receptacle that holds feelings and emotions like rage, anger and shame that can limit the feminine to bloom, and can create physical illness.

The physical cleansing that menstruation provides us is not enough to energetically purify all the experiences and feelings stored in our uterus, which is why subtle cleansing is essential.

All this energy imprints can be safety and gently heal from the womb space, creating a positive pathway of healing and awakening, bring back sensual, embodied love, feminine wisdom and intuition.

The womb cleansing with Yoni Egg comes into its own, essential to help us let die what needs to die, leave the past behind creating space in the body, womb and heart, preparing us for a future of gynaecological health and powerful sexuality.

Every woman needs to have access to this ancestral wisdom because it grants us autonomy over our bodies and our orgasmic birthright, so at this moment recognize how blessed you are to have access to this natural medicine, honour this knowledge with respect and responsibility, open the gate of strength of our ancestry with the reprogramming of reconnection with our roots.


The mentoring is an online programme and is a unique and personalized experience, fully adapted to your moment and objective. During the consultation, integrative practices are used that combine different methodologies, including tantric practices, pelvic breathing, alchemy, shamanism and astrology.

Through these techniques, together we can unfold and have access to a universe of self-knowledge and personal care. In addition, techniques for using eggs, exercises and supporting medicines that you will practice at home will be presented. All of this is delivered in a digital form with full details of the use and sequencing of the Yoni Egg practices.

An average of 70 minutes, the service is an opportunity to connect with yourself, develop greater awareness of your body and emotions, and find support and healing for the issues that are affecting you. Take advantage of this unique chance to take care of yourself and reconnect with your essence.

Benefits of Practice

Improve bladder control, support pelvic organ health and enhance sexual sensation and pleasure.

Increased sensitivity and awareness in the pelvic area after using a Yoni Egg regularly

The pelvic area store emotional tension, traumas and blockages. The gentle and empowering nature of Yoni Eggs exercises support the healing.

Helps prevent intimate diseases, such as candidiasis, fibroids, endometriosis, polycystic ovaries, etc.‚Äč

Energetic cutting of past relationships and dissolves emotional crises.

It also helps to unblock sexual dysfunctions, such as pain during sex, low libido or anorgasmia.

Clears cellular memories of traumas, such as betrayal, abortion, abuse, relationship endings, etc.

Stops repetitive love problems, such as betrayal or fear of love.

Resolves internal conflicts related to sex, such as guilt, hang-ups, shame, etc.

Awakening the power of your womb

And bring back self-love, self-respect to help bloom your sacred womb space

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