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Many people who look for my work are energetically exhausted and somehow cannot find a way out, they are people with emotional problems, traumas, depression, anxiety, existential crises, people who have somehow lost themselves in the middle of their journey and cannot see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Self-knowledge is a never-ending journey, and for this to happen we have to take the first step. Knowing ourselves can take a lifetime and even then we are not able to understand our real nature.

Tantra, for example, is the science that studies the real subtlety of our body, the understanding of our self-image, our pleasure, our self-acceptance, our vitality, our sexual energy.

When you choose tantric massage as a form of therapy you must be aware and ready as we will delve deeply into all your sensations, emotions and pleasure until you free yourself from all your limiting beliefs about sex, sexuality and pleasure. Sometimes just one session for a few people is not enough if you don’t have any knowledge of yourself.

Tantra is a gigantic chain of self-knowledge and is not limited to massage, along with it, I always recommend other types of support such as self-knowledge, yoga and meditation, for example.

Other types of therapies are also recommended, such as counseling and sex therapy, as they cover your psyche, the way you think about yourself, your beliefs and your own sexuality, and will open up a range of possibilities for you to get to know yourself a little more.

There are many aspects that can influence your state of mind, and therapy always is a good choice, as each one will help you in some way to understand yourself better. Some people prefer to talk, others prefer body therapies like Tantra and so on.

When they are metaphysical questions, like, who am I? What am I doing here? Why am I like this? Where should I go? Tantra is by far one of the sciences that best explains this concept. And the best way to understand ourselves better is to understand our body.

It takes time, dedication, research, therapies, self-care, self-respect.

Pleasure is not an on-off button, it is a path, you cannot have a pleasurable life if you are constantly living in a state of alert, have high levels of stress, have no hobbies, are not happy with your professional career, among others. 

Self-knowledge is a chain of information about ourselves and as we delve deeper into ourselves, we expand the way we connect with our source of inspiration and vitality.

Tantric massage is a boost, for example, it expands this vision of self-knowledge, it brings clairvoyance, peace of mind and harmony with our body, pleasure, orgasm and more internal desires to be free, within ourselves.

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