What is Yoni Mapping and Yoni Massage treatments

According to Wikipedia, Yoni is a Sanskrit word that has been interpreted to literally mean the “womb”, the “source”, and the female organs of generation. It also connotes the female sexual organs such as “vagina”, “vulva”, and “uterus”, or alternatively to “origin, abode, or source” of anything in other contexts.

What is Yoni Massage or Yoni Mapping treatments?

Yoni Massage, Yoni Mapping are internal and external genital massage treatments that address the entire pelvic and perineal region, activating the minor chakras (root chakra and sacral chakra) and also the abdominal cavity, so it is advisable not to eat for at least two to three hours before a session. If possible, it is also better to empty the intestines beforehand.

For more information about before and after a treatment, read here.

Our body is connected with everything and everything is connected with the WHOLE, the creative force of the world, call it whatever you like. Yoni is the cosmic portal, from which every human being is naturally born, our connection with our ancestry, with our mother, with all our experiences in life. Feminine healing begins when we decide to talk openly about your Yoni, about your sexual pleasure and liberation, without guilt, without fear, in a safe environment.

Emotional and physical blockages

In all my treatments involving genital touch, it is quite common to release emotional and physical blockages, activation of the minor chakras and consequently an increase in sexual energy, which can bring satisfactory orgasms and even activation of the kundalini. In this order. There is no shortcut. To activate your sexual energy, you need to take care of your emotional one. See below some types of locks.

Emotional blockages

  • Abuse and traumatic experiences;
  • Death of a loved one;
  • Relationship breakdowns;
  • Change of employment status;
  • Lifestyle changes;
  • Diagnosis of serious medical illnesses.

In many cases, emotional blockage can cause physical symptoms, as it is natural for the human body to feel and when this does not happen, it is expressed in other ways, such as:

Physical blockages

  • muscle aches;
  • insomnia;
  • lack or excess of appetite;
  • sweaty hands;
  • tachycardia.

Benefits of the treatments

Yoni Massage or Yoni Mapping provides body awareness, relief or healing, changing the way a woman touches and/or is touched. These new stimuli aim to “clean” the old pattern of sensory perception, often related to past experiences of trauma, frustration or limiting beliefs.

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During a session – you can have a laugh, start crying, or scream, to name a few examples.

For more information, read my article on Emotional Detox.

This treatment is for me?

Although for many women, body acceptance and the release of pleasure is a long process, this is nothing to worry about: it is actually a healthy cleansing process, a release of psychological emotions and/or emotional tension stored in the body.

Not all treatments evoke a strong emotional release, but it is still important for the client to be prepared – one should not go into further distress if the body or mind starts to react uncontrollably, causing spontaneous emotional outbursts.

It is difficult to say in advance who will experience profound trauma healing, emotional release or even more, satisfactory orgasm during a session, but in general, I might add that people who are already “open to work on themselves” will more easily experience rebalance. However, it can also happen to people not at all “open or receptive” who suddenly – to their own surprise and astonishment – experience strong emotional outbursts.

But for women who are not yet ready for genital touch, I also have a solution, my online workshop “Womb Awakening”, made exclusively for female self-knowledge, read more about it here.

However, Yoni treatments are not just for those who have a blockage or trauma. Sometimes a woman just needs to feel some kind of pleasure, exalt her femininity, distinguish orgasms, warm her body and feel comfortable – with the warm, caring and non-judgmental touch of another human being.

It is a universe without guilt, without fears, without apprehension and with a lot of respect.

What might happen during (or after) a session?

Since it is not known in advance how someone will respond to a treatment exactly, I listed the symptoms, that is, expressions of what might happen during (or even after) a session:

  • (uncontrollable) crying or laughing;
  • (uncontrollable) agitation/tremor;
  • Screams/screams (uncontrollable);
  • cough (uncontrollable);
  • cursing (uncontrollable);
  • (uncontrollable) hitting (until hitting the masseur);
  • spasms (uncontrollable) and cramps of the muscles/body;
  • getting aroused and/or having an orgasm;
  • tickling, tickling sensation;
  • lightness in the head/feeling of wanting to faint;
  • heavy sweating;
  • feelings of anger;
  • feeling too cold or too hot;
  • feeling very tired;
  • become very silent or entranced;
  • feeling extremely relaxed;
  • urge to vomit;
  • wanting to interrupt the massage session;
  • the skin becomes very hot and red, or the opposite: cold;
  • bitter taste in the mouth;
  • memories of traumas that surface;

One or more of the symptoms mentioned above may show during a session, but some may well come up in the days after treatment. In general, symptoms can appear up to a week later. Remember that deep abdominal work will usually cause some pain in the abdominal/pelvic area and/or genital area in the days after treatment.

Although the body has generally found a new balance within five to seven days, exceptions may occur when customers need ten to fourteen days to adjust/recover/digest the work.

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