Tantra – A comprehensive emotional detox

When you think about starting a tantric treatment program it’s normal to be filled with enthusiasm, hope and curiosity, after all you are taking a positive step in your life and a chance to get rid of all your negative and pent-up emotions that have been accumulating throughout. 

This time of your existence, you eagerly desire to get rid of all your problems, traumas, and everything that holds you back from moving forward, even in fear of what therapy might entail, even though the thought of exposing your emotions could generate and really trust the therapist you don’t know who might make you feel vulnerable.

But before you decide to embark on a tantric treatment programme, look inside yourself... 

✅ What do you want to heal yourself?

✅ Why are you looking for this type of treatment?

✅ Do you think too much and focus only on problems?

✅ Do you fail to do what is important out of fear?

✅ Can’t you solve anything and just procrastinate?

✅ Are you always sad and tired?

✅ Are your thoughts racing? 

✅ What are your inner questions?

You are getting in touch with a deep, well-structured method of human transformation, and you will be given all the tools you need to overcome the emotions and traumas that are blocking your life from living in fullness and in total abundance!

Before we start, be very careful and affectionate when looking at your emotions and how you will express your feelings, for many people who are having an internal challenge, be careful with energies that may confuse you and unbalance you.

Perhaps there are many deeply rooted issues within your being that you are not being able to access and feel that a tantric treatment would bring you a spiritual and sexual awakening and a great inner shift. And perhaps because you feel that you would benefit from activating the chakras and awakening your greatest life force, kundalini, in search of a harmonizing and awakening nature of the treatment.

In many treatments, for example, Tantra is a real roller coaster and a mixture of pleasure and pain. At a certain stage, you may feel overwhelmed by the pain of negative emotions and as if you are pushing the pain towards pleasure in order to find your way back to the core of balance, peace and well-being. During other treatment sessions you can feel loved, nurtured and protected.

Take a shower, wash off the day, drink a glass of water, make the room dark. Lie down and close your eyes. Notice the silence. Notice your heart. Still breathing. Still fighting. You made it, after all. You made it, another day, you’re doing just fine.”

If your search for Tantra is self-awareness and spiritual awakening, give up the thought of a hedonistic pleasure session, multiple orgasm, because generally and deeply this treatment will awaken in you, first, feelings that were stored and that you had no idea that they would surface, and it will release some of your deepest negative emotions from the inside out. 

Everything you feel in a session will seem perfectly acceptable, expected or reasonable, but what you can neither explain nor expect are the dramatic crises, random thoughts, which can occur like a tsunami after a treatment session for example. I cannot idealize that my treatments can be a complete physical, emotional and pleasurable satisfaction at first, if your goal is to seek your internal healing, there is no type of spiritual treatment that does not lead you to deeper questions about your being and this is a very personal and lonely quest.

Look at your current health and how you are feeling before starting the treatment, if possible keep a journal and after each session, write everything down and monitor your feelings daily. 

"Life is now!
Enjoy every moment.
Our passage here is very brief.
Do more than make you happy.
Express your love for the people you love.
Share your light.
Be thankful every day.
Connect with the people who awaken your life.
Be where you can, be you.”

During the massage treatment, it is completely normal for you to feel fragile, emotionally and physically drained, exhausted; it is completely natural to also feel invaded, harmed, and perhaps think that therapy is not working. But look inside yourself again, read your journal page by page and track your own progress, maybe you could be further from the truth, because when you’re in the middle of a healing crisis, it’s hard to know what to think, the internal healing process is not easy, I understand you perfectly.

The most challenging process is that you have no idea what is going on, and you also have no idea how to ask for help, it is a process that perhaps lacks words to express, you are alone with what you feared most, yourself.

For anyone else undergoes this type of treatment and consequent crisis, it is important to remember and understand that every major change is preceded by a time of turmoil and chaos where old emotional difficulties must surface, be processed and dispersed to make room for new, positive, life-serving emotions to take over.

Emotional symptoms you may have for days after the treatment session ranged from irritability, anxiety, fears, anger and depression to feelings of panic and confused thoughts. Emotional turmoil is overwhelming and utterly exhausting, it’s like getting lost inside your own mind as long-forgotten memories surface and you can’t even escape the difficulty of your own emotions, while vivid dreams can occur at the same time you process. current emotions and incidents from the past. There’s your roller coaster. Hopefully, these feelings will pass in a few days, once you’ve exposed all of your vulnerability and feel helpless. But stay calm, you will get out of this whirlwind of emotions!

“When things don't go well inside you, they don't go well anywhere. This feeling of emptiness you're feeling, it's not missing things, it's missing yourself! Because when we forget, the illusion is created that something or someone is missing to fill this void, but only we have the power to complete ourselves. And know that life is not a race, if necessary, take time for yourself, to take care of yourself, take care of your feelings, clean your heart, and throw away everything that is no longer yours. And a person who does not take care of himself mentally gets sick, because he is so overloaded that the physical body responds. So have more time for yourself, because life is a reflection of what we think and feel and because all change happens from the inside out.”

Even if you find yourself in a period of uncertainty, even if you thought that your healing process would be a pleasurable experience and with time you feel better gradually as the wounds faded and healed gently and gradually nourished with a feeling of well-being, after each treatment you realize that the reality of internal healing is not sold packaged and with an instruction manual. To heal deep-rooted emotional wounds, we need to let go of the comfort of inertia and become fully aware of ourselves; it means having to feel the pain of emotional trauma to go through the healing process. You realize that it takes courage to let go of the protection that laziness provides and have our negative emotions exposed. Dealing with raw, unedited emotions is purgative and painful.

This is a one-way trip to the universe of self-discovery. Going through healing processes after your first session, suddenly over time, will make you feel lighter and realize that you lived your life through a filter of blocked emotions that were blocking all your sensations and perceptions. His joy in life was smothered by all the negative emotions from the past and accumulated for a long time. 

The path to well-being and emotional freedom forces you on a new journey of pure hell of healing crises that intensify the agony of past negative events, falling into a deep sea of emotional and physical nightmare; however, it is temporary. Reflecting on all of this, you can see that this was a small price to pay for long-term physical and emotional well-being. All reactions to subsequent treatments will disperse as you progress and with each subsequent crisis you will feel an increase in energy and vibration, and the awakening of your greatest potential, your deepest personal pleasure.

“There is no coming to consciousness without pain”

As I explained earlier, tantric treatment really exposes all the dormant and repressed emotions that we keep inside our own emotional cocoons, you can find yourself in a big battle internally while externally you also need to fight the innate urges to suppress those emotions that were coming. Surfacing for processing and feeling the need to dampen the force of your emotions through alcohol, tobacco, drugs, shopping, TV, meaningless sex, and even through worrying about other people’s problems and comforting food; Maybe you just want to control reality and numb yourself with more pain and suffering. All of these things suppress emotions and stifle healing, and you will find that these ‘comforts’ had been your coping mechanisms for years and that these habits were desensitizing you to your own emotions and that suppressing your feelings wasn’t making them go away, instead it was just anaesthetizing itself.

No matter how long you try to numb the pain with inhibitors or stimulants, all you are doing is blurring the pain and pushing it deeper into your inner being. Through the treatments, your feelings and sensations of deeply rooted traumas have come to a cathartic and deeply penetrating reality. When you’ve been stumbling around in the dark for most of your life, the bright lights of reality and truth can be too much to adjust to. Even if you’re not used to working with your own pain before, because when you feel emotional distress, upset, or any pain in the past, you can immediately think about suppressing your temporary needs with alcohol, cigarettes, comforting food, or even some drugs. But in reality you’re running away more and more from yourself and my traumas because you don’t want to deal with them and what’s more you don’t know how, in fact I don’t think I really didn’t know why I was feeling sad and heartbroken. Learn to recognize and accept that all that “feeling” you are going through or will go through is the path to healing, not destruction and that you just had to trust and go with the flow. Do and feel, suddenly you will feel renewed.

After the tantric treatment you will feel that the storm will dissipate: you may be able to think clearly again. Do not be nervous if you need to do more treatments for longer if necessary, everything has its time, follow its continuous flow, your body will gradually react to the deep bodywork landing and will start a cleansing of impurities: both emotional and physical, in order to make way for your new “I” to be released.

To anyone who wants to start a treatment with me, I always say, “be prepared for the unexpected: this is unlike any other healing experience”. It is normal not to recognize yourself during the healing crises that occur during the process, and this is something you should be prepared for. When it all melts away, denied parts of you suddenly feel like your whole identity has been shattered. But each learning will be worth it, persist and ride the wave of emotional detox, because this therapy is an unprecedented opportunity worthy of great gratitude. When you get over the healing crisis, you emerge with your full feeling; a deeper sense of awareness and the feeling of your body being restored and rebalanced.

 The treatment doesn’t create new problems for the body, but it releases the problems that lie dormant well below the surface, the long term results of this treatment are really valuable because no price can be placed on your happiness.

"You don't need coffee; you need to sleep.
You don't need nicotine, you need to walk.
You don't need sex, you need connection.
You don't need to scream, you need to express yourself.
You don't need to shut up, you need to listen.
You don't need drugs, you need art. You don't need stimulants, you need to be hugged. You don't need a TV, you need poetry.
You don't need to buy, you need nature.
You don't need to judge, you need to empathize.
You don't need religions, you need to ask questions. You don't need loving relationships, you need self-love.
You need you.
I need me.
Above all, you need inner peace, which requires harmony between the inside and the outside."

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