Yoni mapping

Heal old wounds that are preventing you living THE best live and discovering NEW personal truths

Do you know where to touch your Yoni for pleasure?
Do you know where the pain spots are?
Do you know where the numb spots are?
Have you already seen your G-spot?

What do think a magical conversation with your Yoni, she might be in need of a pep talk? Yoni mapping is the latest self-empowerment tool to hit the niche of sacred sexuality, and this unique form of therapy promises to heal and fulfil our sensual selves with a spiritual touch.

Yoni Mapping is a gentle internal vaginal massage. It’s a compass for MORE PLEASURE! Mapping your vagina gives you a clear picture of how it operates – trigger points, pleasure points, numbness, tension, and painful areas. Yoni Mapping provides a clearer understanding of how your genitals work and what they feel. For those women who struggle with the pain and tension of the yoni, it is a sweet revelation to discover that the pain does not always reside IN THE ENTIRE vagina, but rather in some tension points. By making a pelvic map of your yoni, you begin to understand and heal inner tension.

The Process

The Yoni Mapping Therapy is part of the larger concept of Genital Mapping and Sacred Sexuality, and is considered as an exploration through the Yoni to find areas of numbness, contraction, pain, insensitivity, disconnection and tension, both on a physical and emotional level.

The points or areas found through this process are believed to be signs of some form of trauma or physical or emotional stress. Thus, a “map” is created from the person’s inner world to discover what is good, what is not so good, what emotions are triggered where and how, and so on.

It is an exercise in self-knowledge and awareness, a form of therapy, to reach a deeper understanding and connection with yourself. It is the beginning of a healing process, because all healing begins with being fully aware of what is “wrong” or what needs attention.

What do you receive?

Your inner connection

The feminine power

At its core Tantra is going to show the way to reconnecting woman with your own sensuality and sexual energy to establish a deeper understanding of yourself. The beautiful Shakti will discovery her body has the capacity for resonance with an ultimate level of femininity. Tantra is still first and foremost a personal practice of liberation, body knowledge and enlightenment. A woman’s spiritual essence is explored in all its magnificence. The female essence is unveiled through love, devotion and compassion, fuelled by sexual ecstasy and emotional flow, and based on trusting and heeding the messages given by your intuition and feelings.

Tantra for women is a journey into yourself and can bring spiritual feelings into manifestation, through your entire inner and deep universe. Throughout that journey of new discoveries, the loving and conscious touch will help you connect with parts and aspects of yourself, which usually don’t get much attention. You will get in touch with your full feminine potential, your feminine nature, sensuality, pleasure, and your ability to be ecstatic. The journey into yourself will be like a guided tour into realizing the being that you are when you feel completely free and loved.

Who YOU are

The path to blissful

The greatest thing about orgasm is nature’s indication that the human being has within him an enormous amount of extreme happiness and fulfilment. You do not think, and the time stops. You don’t feel any more stuck inside yourself, and you don’t be afraid to be intimate and totally lose control, then you realize, you’re just living truly and being authentic with yourself.

Feminine essence

 Women store their emotion and trauma in the walls of the vagina. This can result in loss of sensation and lack of desire for sex. Yoni mapping remove an energetic or emotional obstacle that prevents your sexual energy from flowing freely throughout your body. You can feel a deep transformational healing journey that is rooted in the energies of the Divine Feminine and tailored to your unique life and Soul experiences.

Erotic energy

One of the main reasons for lack of libido and arousal from an energetic standpoint is a lack of feeling and connection to the body.
To manifest your full sexual energy power, you have to surrender.
You must completely inhabit your body and be in the present. Your erotic energy is something to revere and consciously cultivate and be in touch with your body.

Orgasmic develop

For many women the importance of orgasm is undeniable, their sexual experiences revolve around climax and sexual pleasure. For those who practice tantric massage, they have learned to realize their full orgasmic potential. Tantric massage encourages sexual energy to spread throughout the body, making it possible to experience multi-orgasmic states of the entire body that can last from a few minutes to several hours.

Your treasure

The Yoni Power

The Yoni is the vagina, womb and full reproductive feminine area. Known your Yoni is an exceptional opportunity to experience true loving, healing, and respectful touch in your innermost being – without having to give anything back. I provide the treasure indulgent of the knowledge of your yoni with a heartfelt wish that you experience your inner sacred space and delight of the evolutions of love and satisfaction, the ultimate goal of tantric is united the pure love and cosmic consciousness an infinity of energies waits to unlock the divine secrets inside you.

Heal your body

Commum chalenge we explore

Painful sexual activity, intercourse, or sexual dysfunction
Myofascial Pelvic Pain Syndrome
Urinary leakage or incontinence
Pelvic organ prolapse
Chronic bladder or vaginal infections
Healing after miscarriage, pregnancy loss or abortion
Pelvic congestion
Menstrual pain and endometriosis
Menopausal complaints
Increases the sensitivity intimate
Helps to intensify the sensations in sex
Low libido
Effects of cancer treatments
Constipation/ Haemorrhoids
Emotional, Lineage & Ancestoral Pain
Clitoral, G-Spot, Vaginal, Cervical orgasms
Awakening the G-spot
Self-massage of vagina & breasts
History of pelvic trauma or abuse
Living an orgasmic sensual life
Conscious slow sex & masturbation
about me

My personal journey

The time I spent learning and experiencing Tantra had a profound effect on my professional practice and my own life. It has been a long journey of incredible healing and personal learning. The immense emotional effect on the physical presentation of symptoms is often overlooked, dismissed, and unrecognized in our healthcare system. I healed myself in a way that I can support other women on their healing journey. For me, ancestral line healing has been powerful. Having been able to honour my ancestors and recognize and move the energy imprint of my pain.

I am very proud to be certified and honoured to provide this invaluable service to my clients. Having experienced my own pelvic health conditions, pain and trauma, I have benefited enormously from the work and wonderful healing with Tantra.

Becoming connected to my own pelvic bowl energy has been heightened by creativity, my connection to Spirit, as well as my intuition as a woman and my work as a Tantra teacher.

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