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We are here to provide you the Best Tantra Massage experience first and foremost spiritual approach to you, utilizing an energetically based, hand-on approach to bodywork. If authenticity is mantained and tantric principles are preserved, then this sophisticated form of our tantric massage can bring you miraculous healing effects and is very therapeutic in nature. It is most acclaimed for its ability to eliminate sexual and energetic blockages while restoring viatality, stamina, longevity, youthfulness, and vigor. Welcome!

How should I prepare for my tantric massage session?

• It is advisable not to smoke at least 24 hours before the tantric massage.

• Do not use any kind of drugs or pharmaceutical remedies, only medications prescribed by your doctor. These drugs make a person completely yin (negative) and eliminate the possibility of feeling the energy / bioelectricity flowing throughout their body.

• It is advisable not to drink any type of alcoholic beverages for at least 3 days before the tantric massage, the side effects of alcohol take away the focus, the concentration, can cause nausea and dizziness alteration of the reasoning ability, loss of reflexes, loss of judgment reality.

• Do not drink coffee at least 24 hours before the tantric massage, addiction to caffeine is a stimulant that interacts with the nervous system, you can lose concentration, feel changes in mood, have headaches and feel it throbbing or exhausted .

• Diet, it is recommended to maintain a diet rich in healthy foods, this can be useful in eliminating toxins and impurities from your physical body, as well as in cultivating the effects that Tantric Massage can bring. Unhealthy foods can load the body with inflammation and impurities, which prevents energy from flowing properly within your physical body. The best would be if you have a vegetarian diet, do not consume sugar and / or processed foods.


EXPECTATIONS CAN LIMIT YOUR EXPERIENCE –  Some people seek tantric massage in order to have the same energetic experiences, multiple strong and mind-blowing orgasms that they have seen on the internet or elsewhere online. While tantric massage can and does produce these important effects, I cannot guarantee that it will happen for everyone or in just one session, it is important to remember that tantric massage is a continuous treatment system and not a miracle.

RELAX – I ask you to relax and simply enjoy the experience. Enjoy meditation and focus on being there. Feel the benefits of Ayurvedic massage. Focus on your own experience and the feeling will come to you with patience. For the body to understand what pleasure and awareness expansion is, it needs to be 100% relaxed and present.

THE ABILITY TO FEEL THE ENERGY IN THE BODY – Having an energetic orgasm depends a lot on your personal level of impurities, blockages, current health status, health history, karma, emotions, astrological influences and much more. With more sessions, the results will arrive. In some cases, more time is needed.

No ejaculation

Men don’t ejaculate. For men when receiving a tantric massage, it is important to remember, especially during genital massage, complete sexual continence is maintained and there is no ejaculation. This is explained in more detail in specific articles on my blog.

There is no “happy ending”. When you receive a tantric massage, there is no happy ending. You will really experience a different kind of pleasure and sensation. You will see how the lingam massage is done in the tantric massage and the erection may not even be present because the massage is done for therapeutic and proportionally curative reasons. The techniques are not designed or intended to provide you with an ejaculation experience. In tantric massage, erection is not necessary to experience energetic orgasm. Ejaculation is not recommended and, according to authentic tantric teachings, is considered harmful. This can be explained, before your tantric massage session, if you have any questions.

Physical purification effects

Every modern person has some degree of toxins and impurities present in the body. When doing tantric massage, which incorporates energy, promotes the detoxification of the physical body and tissue. As a result, purification effects can occur. Sometimes, they can arise like, diarrhea, pimples, vomiting, nausea etc. This is simple: the impurities that come out, cleanse the body. Don’t be alarmed, as this is very normal, but if you have another problem before tantric massage sessions, talk to your doctor.

Effects of emotional purification

Impurities can also manifest themselves emotionally, where you may feel sad, too emotional, you may feel like crying or even anger without any plausible reason. These emotions or reactions may not make sense to you, but they are also just a sign of purification. These purifying effects can occur during the massage or even a few days after the tantric massage. Always remember that you are not alone and can ask for help when you need it.

Post Massage Considerations

Maintaining a spiritual life, continually saving and protecting yourself from the influences of external energies and being consistently and energetically powerful in the Tantric teachings, if you wish, you will need to maintain a level of purity and spirituality. Here are some recommendations from me on how you can do this.

As I always say, Tantric massage is only a small part of what Tantra has to offer, Tantra is a spiritual path of understanding and expansion of consciousness and can bring great benefits for A-Z self-knowledge in terms of spiritual evolution.

To continue your search for self-knowledge or spiritual education I always suggest Yoga classes too, you will learn practical asana sequence skills, energy control and mind control to continue your purification process, amplify your energy sensitivity, energize and activate your chakras more and more, sublimate your energy, stabilize your mind and emotion and keep your spirituality inspired. As you progress on our tantric path, you will receive more advanced techniques that you can add to your daily repertoire.


You have taken a big step towards better well-being and health by starting your tantric journey. Your mind, body and spirit have reached a new level of purity in a relatively short period of time. I ask you to continue on this path. Why?
If you go back to an old lifestyle – one that may have unhealthy foods, alcohol, drugs, smoking and other options that don’t help, you will be absorbed again by impurities and toxins. In that state, all the beautiful benefits and effects of the tantric massage that you gained from this experience – a sense of freedom, health, love, skills and energy control, clarity, passion and motivation – will soon disappear.
Therefore, on the tantric path or the yoga path, continuous purification and healthy lifestyle choices are essential for evolution and self-development.

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