5 tips to start your tantric journey

The best way to start the tantric journey, If you are a curious person and want to know about Tantra or want to start introducing Tantra into your lifestyle, I can help you to start it. Hopefully, the tips below will kick-start your tantric journey. 

Starting now, your tantric growing.

Get Inspired

Find out about tantra, the practices and how it works, there is a lot of self-help material and a lot of content available on my blog

Take a break yourself and read more about the benefits of Tantra. 

Tantra enables us to feel unconditional love and gratitude just for being who you are.

Tantra teaches us that our body is sacred, and we deserve much love, care and respect, so we learn that life is a fair exchange of feelings and understanding about ourselves and others.

Tantra is a set of teachings and practices that view sexual energy as vital and sacred.

Try something new

Insecurity, fear, shyness and a lot of old belief that labels the way we act and think about pleasure and we just can’t handle the situation and end up frustrated.

The more time passes, the harder it is to maintain a connection with pleasure and orgasm, and gradually we forget the sensations. 

Our sexual reflexes to get slow down and take longer to reach climax, and there are also many cases of many people who have never felt or understood pleasure.

That’s why I created a sacred space for you to “let go” and feel comfortable, peaceful and uninterrupted to start your tantric journey.

Slow down

The world is moving too fast, we have no time to stop, to relax, to feel, we are always anxious and worried about what will happen, and we can not enjoy the time. 

We forgot to breathe.

Breathing properly is so important In tantric journey, is the main focus in tantra massage.

Proper breathing technique in Tantra Massage is crucial for optimal health, and yet most of us aren’t getting it right. 

It is through breathing control that you can increase arousal and pleasure levels by helping to prolong your orgasm.

Give permission to yourself

To touch someone, our life energy is donated, and we can also receive it without realizing it.

A hug, an exchange of affection, if in a relationship, kisses are essential to maintain emotional and physical bonds and stimulate the healing and balance of our body.

Conscious touch and sensory contact in Tantric Massage explores your body’s new possibilities of pleasure and helps you regain physical intimacy from a new perspective, offering a new path of knowledge, growth, expansion and awareness.

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Start your tantric journey

Your body will relearn how it feels pleasure, as closer to orgasm the more energy increases and that energy is spread and travels through each part of your body.

In tantric massage we understood that your entire body is connected and to pleasurable, and new discoveries happen when we stimulate all physical structures in search of answers to pleasure, it is a complete bodywork from head to toe, I use nothing but my hands.

Tantra massage is the art of touch.

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Live your life with joy, passion and purpose, opening to it’s full potential.

Experience the deepest fusion with love and the divine, understand your tantric journey and significantly improving every aspect of your life.

When it comes to learning more about tantra, there isn’t a shortage of places to turn to.

May Gonzalez, is highly-regarded tantra teachers who also offering tips and techniques to a better tantric practice.

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