Vaginismus and Authentic Tantra Massage

Vaginismus is the body’s automatic reaction to the fear of some or all types of vaginal penetration

Involuntary contraction of the muscles in the pelvic and vaginal region causes pain and discomfort and even makes penetration difficult.

Vaginismus always has an emotional cause behind it, coming from some memory or experience. Most of the causes, they are connected to childhood experiences, which the woman may not even remember, or may not relate to the experiences they have had.

Many times women experience this discomfort in silence, without sharing it with their partners or even gynaecologists, in this case it makes things even more difficult for them, as it makes them run away from relationships or causes them to suffer in silence during sexual intercourse. 

Statistics speak of very high numbers of sexual abuse in childhood, and most of them remain secret. Abuse may even have been just a lewd touch from a close family member, the child recognized this touch as invasive of their intimacy and felt hurt. In these cases, therapeutic support is of vital importance, so that you can have a free and pleasurable life.

The conscious touch in Authentic Tantra Massage for example helps to clear memories and records of hurt, leaving the person free from that traumatic history.

One of the things that leads to people running away from this kind of holistic approach of healing is not wanting to relive situations, leaving them well hidden. This keeps the hurt in day-to-day experiences.

In Authentic Tantra Massage, the woman just need to take on an experience to let go of all the traumatic experience, this does not mean that it is like this for everyone, as each person has their own way of dealing with their emotional field, but if there is a good predisposition towards healing, the results are very effective.

How Authentic Tantra Massage can help?

Authentic Tantric Massage joins the healing process, bringing the experience to the body, opening the channels of sexual energy and allowing the enjoyment of pleasure without fear, shame or guilt.

From my personal experience in this kind of massage, I observe the brutal value of this work, bringing freedom and healing to those who lived trapped in their pain.

Therapeutic Tantric Massage Ritual

Tantra is our vital/loving energy, seen through a sexual perspective. In other words, it is our sexual energy manifesting itself through the love that we are.

Authentic Tantra Massage must be carried out covering the entire human experience, working on the physical and emotional body, mind and spirit.

This method is particularly suitable for those who suffer from depression, anxiety, stress, low or lack of libido or desire or any type of sexual dysfunction. It is a fundamental tool in our development, and specifically in the development of our sexuality.

In the context of Authentic Tantric Massage, it consists of 3 distinct phases:

Meditation, Sensorial Massage and Yoni Massage/woman.


Meditations take us to experiences in which our physical body transcends and allows us to access more subtle energy bodies, perceiving the experience beyond experience.

These are dynamic meditations that help activate kundalini, vital energy expressed through sexuality. This activation causes sexual energy to circulate naturally, rising from the base chakras to the heart, opening this chakra to true love, unconditional love.

The rise of this energy to the upper chakras leads to states of transcendence and connection with the divine.

Sensorial Massage

Sensorial massage awakens bioelectricity, acting throughout the body from the surface of the skin, sweeping all muscles and internal organs, dissolving anxieties, tensions and memories of emotional records. This release of old, stagnant energies gives way to a new experience of pleasure and orgasm. All this sensitivity developed in the body will redirect sexual energy to parts of the body that were previously blocked and dormant, bringing the experience of orgasms to the entire body. It is a massage performed on the skin, awakening the body’s bioelectricity.

The skin, when caressed, produces a substance identical to the thymus hormone. These tactile stimuli enhance the body’s electrical field and the increase in electrical potential acts on cells and glands, producing a direct effect on the mind and emotions and creating conditions for physiological and biochemical changes in the organism. Provoking these stimuli on the skin with a certain intensity, duration and frequency, this will awaken and activate sexual/vital energy, creating conditions for a much more intense orgasmic level, as this will result in the production of greater quantities of hormones such as: serotonin, endorphins and oxytocins that circulate freely throughout the body creating internal connections that lead to orgasms of great intensity throughout the body. The person experiences new sensations of pleasure and different levels of orgasm. It leads to a sensory re-education that inserts all muscle groups into the orgasm reflex, providing a new dimension of pleasure, reconfiguring and inserting all organic tissues into orgasm, creating full-body orgasms.

This massage is integrated into a complete therapeutic process, but can also be received separately without losing its great potential.

It is a massage done with total nudity, which
will allow complete delivery and give the benefit of greater enjoyment.

The massage is facilitated with a gentle touch of the fingertips, creating stimulation of the body’s electrical field.

The massage awakens sexual/vital energy will not have any sexual nature or interaction between participants, it will be a process of sharing non-sexualized loving energy.

Yoni Massage

In Yoni Massage, the work is focused and intensified on the female genital organ (Yoni). It is important to highlight that the genital manipulations carried out have nothing to do with masturbation, but with specific stimuli, applied purposefully in order to increase sensory perception in the genital region, providing a type of pleasure and altered states of consciousness and perception, usually not experienced through common forms of masturbation or sex.

Regular practice of Yoni Massage:

  • Increases physical and emotional vitality, libido and sexual satisfaction
  • Tones the muscles of the entire clitoris, also at an intra-vaginal level
  • Reduces stress, anxiety and mood swings -increases attention and concentration capacity, as well as the ability to communicate with others
  • Exactness of what you want and desire. More generally, this growing connection with herself allows a woman to become aware of her own power, magnetism and ability to create.
  • Yoni Massage is a very effective method in states of anorgasmia (absence of orgasm), difficulty in reaching orgasm, low or low
  • Lack of libido, loss or reduction of vaginal and/or clitoral sensitivity and vaginismus (involuntary contraction of the vaginal muscles that make penetration difficult, difficult and painful).

My name is May Gonzalez, I am tantric massage teacher and sexual re-education. I guide you, through special and contemporary techniques, to control anxiety, stress and improve your sex life. Getting to know your body and its sensory perception of arousal will free you from frustrations and will give you real pleasure and a prolonged feeling of well-being in return. 

This is how I conduct a Tantra massage session.

Each session is tailored to each person’s needs.

Work that I am extremely grateful for all the transformations, discoveries, gifts, stories, awareness, exchanges, shares, relationships and beauties that it has given me and gives me every opportunity to experience and attend.

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Now you know how Tantra Massage can help your body, mind and soul

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