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May Gonzalez, Tantra Massage Teacher, Yoga Teacher, Sexual Dysfunctions Specialist, Indian Ayurvedic Massage - ancient Indian practice focusing on energy (prana), Marma Therapy, Taoism inner Alchemy, Reiki Healer, Sex Coach, Post Graduate in Human Sexuality with highest licensed qualifications in the Art of Tantra and Energy Healing, works in the field of Tantra since 2016, formed by the International Yoga Alliance and having specialized in matriarchal matrilineal Tantra (knowledge passes woman by woman) in different places in the world such as Egypt, Bali, Ireland, Brazil, Greece, Spain among others, travels the world looking for new knowledge.

I served over 10,000+ people (Woman, men and Couple) in person the last 5 years in Ireland and Portugal, given private 1:1 Sex Coach Mentorships and since 2020 has been facilitating online courses such as Orgasmic development for women & Womb Awakening, workshop, all related to Tantra and Sacred Sexuality.

Visionary in this modern world, daughter of the earth and the materialized of the cosmos in this body here and now. In service on this fabulous planet, to help YOU to discovery WHO YOU TRULY ARE, your true self, grounding you to pull away from memories and negative thoughts or challenging emotions to refocus what happening in the present moment.

At different stages of my life I tested myself to what extent some situation or something had challenged me.

Diving to knowing the truth of our bodies is entering the greatest freedom adventure there is. You might get lost on the way, and you might never return, who knows?

Life is a dance, and you need to participate in it. And the more silent you become, the deeper your participation in this vast universe. Osho

I have always been a great student of life, an eternal searcher for new knowledge and learning, and over the years I have developed my own way of work with Tantra, making the most of its powerful essence of expanding reality and perceptions, with practices and studies and teachings that I received on my journey, studied, did not understand, studied again, practised, understood, evolved and studied again. With time, discipline and love, the knowledge experienced ended up becoming wisdom. And wisdom expands consciousness, and an expanded mind never returns to its original size, its vibration rises and opens new paths for new learning and awakens new possibilities and potentials, it allows us to build our perceptions and realities that we want and deserve, but everything starts with discipline and constant study.

Focused to awake your sexual energy I will help YOU with Tantra Massage (sacred healing practice based on ancient techniques and wisdom) to develop and awakening your 5 senses, releasing blocked energy and bringing greater joy, eroticism, sensitivity, expansion and aliveness to all the levels of your being bringing back your self-love.

Combined with therapeutic and bodywork methods of many Hindu traditions, awakening all your senses, unlock your Chakras and provide you a truly unique and Authentic Tantric Massage healing experience.

I have always got positive reviews from my clients who have gone through my hands care. As you review my blog content, you may notice that my deep knowledge of Authentic Tantra, Alternative Therapies, Ayurvedic Massage, Marmatherapy, Anatomy and others, monitoring and follow-up of all my clients is very well-developed and explored.

In addition, I have excellent communication and body reading skills (NLP Practitioner) that help in dealing with the client and understand it so that we can create a plausible picture of proper treatment. I believe we can contribute our positive energy to bring new vitality and personal growth for people, not only with sexuality, but also at the mental and spiritual levels.

Come to know and feel a completely different level of love, pleasure and acceptance, further exploring your body's sensory capacity, allowing yourself to the ``new``, completely breaking the whole concept that having sex is the only way to have pleasure.

I use only certified organic oils and special selected music to enhance your experience.

Please read through this website fully before you make a booking.


what people say about my work skills

The comfortable space, calming music and tea combined with a great model of care and very professional therapists – makes each visit a great experience and has helped me begin to feel better.

I have been looking for someone that could deliver an amazing massage and I found. You are absolutely fantastic, knowing exactly what I need. Thanks for making my day with your 90 minutes of total relaxation!

Thank you so very, very much!!! I was in pain in my neck, right shoulder, and back for three whole months…I feel so much better. Thanks again for helpful recommendations and a great treatment!

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