Difference between Tantra, authentic Tantra massage, body to body and sensual massage

Before talking about the Authentic Tantra massage, first let’s talk about Tantra.

Tantra is the path of enlightenment and liberation (Spiritual path). For some, it is a philosophy, for others science and metaphysics, practices and rituals bring healing and transformation. It’s depend on how deep you are in Tantra.

Tantra in a very general way, works around the three most powerful human experiences.

– Desire of freedom

– Sexual desires

– Love

Tantra can be practised through different techniques: meditation, repetition of mantras, ritual practices, invocation of deities, visualizations, Yoga, etc. All these techniques are used to awaken our senses and obtain physical and mental stimulation.

These practices invite us to experience desire in a healthy way, as we often struggle with it out of our fears, guilt, and shame. The truth is that we cut our desire with the intention of not suffering.

Tantra teaches us not to fight desire, to understand it as an ally of our movement, action and life. Understand that it is a vital impulse for the benefit of our nature. The acceptance of sex naturally invites us to enter into our deepest sensitivity.

The authentic Tantra massage is an approach of Tantra and preserves the principles of Tantra, bringing some knowledge such as:

– Semen retention

– Balance

– Heal

– Enrich our physical, spiritual, emotional and mental

– Liberating us from suffering by getting rid of trauma, societal condition, our ignorance, leading us on a path to spiritual awakening.

– Quality sex education and body knowledge

To understand more about Semen retention, click here!

The Authentic Tantra massage is a profound, deepening experience of the inner self. It emphasizes the feeling and moving of energy in the body, even more on the raising of the energy up the entire body.

In Tantra massage, there are integral boundaries of clarity and integrity, as trust is essential for surrender to happen. Holding a safe, sacred space helps to anchor the receiver’s witness, and to mirror without engaging or reacting to the energy or emotions that comes up.

The objective of Authentic Tantra Massage is to work with intent, rather than intention. With healing intent, the body’s subtle vibrations and frequencies unfolds in a spontaneous, co-creative manner that is empowering, guiding the receiver, open up and pave the way for transformation.

Body to Body Massage

The Body To Body Massage has a high erotic and sensual content and nothing else.

It is seeling like a relaxation massage where the masseuse is normally naked and does the massage using all parts of her body to transmit strong sensations and energy through soft, provocative and very sensual movements.

This massage is done only for the purpose of awakening sexual energy without any kind of control.

The masseuse usually does not have any kind of qualifications about massage, that is, in this category of massage you do not need to have experience, as the main objective is to provide excitement with your body in the client.

Lingam massage is usually related only to masturbation, because as the masseuse does not have any anatomical knowledge of the region, she does not know how to control the client’s arousing, usually leading the client to ejaculate in an abrupt and uncontrolled way, it does not take into account whether the client has some type of dysfunction or trauma in the region.

This type of massage also falls into the category of sensual massage and can be found as a “sensual massage + body to body” pack.

Some people insist on describing this type of massage as Tantra massage, but it is not. However, there are some therapists who work with body to body massage, but as authentic tantric massage is much more complex, the client’s sexual energy must be used for expansion of consciousness and healing and not just for arousing, if the therapist does not know how to transmute the client’s sexual energy to the higher Chakras, there will be a waste of energy and as a result the client ejaculates.

Male ejaculation in this case is confused with tantric pleasure.

In Authentic Tantra Massage the sexual energy circulates throughout the body bringing a kind of bliss, in body to body massage the sexual energy is only stuck in the genital regions, there is no expansion of consciousness as it is sold.

If the client does not have any kind of sexual education or knowledge about Tantra, he will obviously believe that he has had the best experience of his life. Maybe he does in a difference way.

Body to body massage is popular, but there is a pattern of people who seek it out who are people with uncontrolled sexual energy, people addicted to pornography, or people who don’t have any kind of sex education.

Body to body massage can have serious consequences for the recipient in the long term, such as erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.

Men looking for this type of massage is just for immediate relief, and ejaculation. They are people who are going through some moment of stress, whether at work or in their personal life. Ejaculating causes a certain kind of immediate relief.

In western culture ejaculation is “sold” as natural, in Tantra, Taiosm or any martial arts practice, semen should only be used for procreation and nothing else, ejaculating without a purpose is a waste of vital energy, end of history.

If you don’t know the difference between orgasm and ejaculation

If you don’t know your body’s anatomy

Your erogenous zones

If you have any kind of dysfunction

This type of massage is not for you.

Blue Balls

Congestion of the prostate caused by a prolonged period of arousal.

“But, if I don’t ejaculate my balls hurt”, yes, and they do, your sexual energy needs to circulate throughout your body, sublimate, if it stays still in your genital areas, your balls will hurt.

I recommend daily tantric practices, Hatha Yoga, Martial Arts and tantric massage.

But the human being is lazy and doesn’t want to learn, learning takes time, and many are busy in their daily destructive routines of stress and fake news.

Everyone can learn Tantra, reeducate themselves sexually, learn about their body, about their own sexuality, and most of the time you know what to do to change your life, you know that to lose weight you need to diet and exercise regularly, he knows he needs to mature to have healthier relationships, he knows he needs to work harder to deliver better results.

But, you do not want!

In other words, you don’t take the first initiatives, and I know why you don’t.

You don’t want to pay the price, you are afraid of the unknown, you have many beliefs that limit you, you lack discipline and your ambition is not aligned with your purpose and the immediate result is frustration.

The authentic approach of Tantra Massage bring awareness, sex education and new perspective of life.

Be open to accept the NEW, always there is something more in life.

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