Semen – The Male healing, power and vitality

Semen retention, which has been documented in many cultures, has been associated with both physical and mental wellness.

One well-known example is tantric sex, which encourages men to abstain from ejaculation in order to connect with their partner on a deeply intimate level and experience a more profound sense of pleasure.

The tantric man must learn to control his sexual energy, his sexual pleasure, and especially to deal with his repressed emotions.

Modern man must look for new ways to understand his pleasure and a healthy way to experience and express his desires.

However, many are still struggling to understand the true meaning and resinification between toxic masculinity and the ancient teachings of healthy sexual morality.

The lack of self-knowledge

Both men and women have not been educated to feel pleasure without wasting energy, both do not know each other, both live in constant internal conflict, not understanding their own sexuality, both are destined to fail.

Tantra teaches that our sexual instincts must be channelled towards a new purpose, in conjunction with the spiritual path, sex can be understood in its true sense of liberation.

The biggest problem is the lack of knowledge for healthy sexual development because we were deprived of our bodies, and now we are craving this knowledge because we have the feeling that we are missing something.

The purpose is to harmonize our sexual instincts with our relationships with spiritual goals.

Tantra and Sexual energy

Tantra teaches you how to understand our body and study it little by little, and then control and connect with your deepest sexual desires. Carefully we guide ourselves into a sexual realm of liberation and expression of total pleasure and absolute love, opening subtle channels of channelling from the genitals, up our spinal cord to our head. This is the cultivation of sexual energy.

Sexual energy is our essence as human beings and must be directed towards an absolute purpose with the intention of evolution as beings and not with the intention of waste, when you waste energy you feel weak, uncreative, afraid, stressed, without energy.

Semen Retention

Tantra among other teachings like TAO understands that the cultivation of male sexual energy includes sperm retention as the male seed must be directed only for the purpose of reproduction, otherwise it is a complete waste of male vitality.

Heathy Conditions

This energy wasted for a long period affects the health conditions of the man, leading to fury, with himself or even against women and mainly to premature ageing among other problems such as sexual dysfunctions. Lack of creativity is completely linked to your poorly distributed or wasted sexual energy.

Cultivation of Sexual Energy

The true and authentic tantric massage is an example of how to transform this sexual energy and cultivate it for an absolute purpose of self-knowledge and personal development, because many men do not have enough tantric teachings or almost nothing to transform this energy by himself.

Cultivation of male sexual energy is the next step in expanding your personal universe towards the quest for unconditional love and its next evolution. Those who persist in their old teachings are destined to live a life of suffering and decay. It is a natural and evolutionary process of the modern man, as well as the process of self-knowledge for the modern woman.

When the energy of the Semen is conserved and transformed man will be able to know his true potential, but of course, this goes totally against all the western teachings that we had.

The benefits os semen retention

The true teaching of Tantra is famous for being not only a science but also a way of life, cultivating sexual energy is important to nourish your spirit, but this includes a balanced diet, physical exercise, meditation, moral behaviour virtuous life and the search for unconditional love and not least to avoid sex without love, as it creates physical, mental and spiritual imbalances that prevent you from finding the true meaning of spiritual growth. Without these teachings, the cultivation of male sexual energy is impossible, many are looking for tantric teachings, but there are few who have the conduct and morals to change their lifestyle.

Love, study, discipline and patience is the key to the knowledge and understanding of absolute pleasure.

The male seed is your life-force, the cultivation of this male energy results in the balance of hormones, proteins, vitamins, enzymes, minerals, when this energy is conserved and transformed it also results in a wonderful healthy sex life, improving health, balance interior and increasing spiritual awareness.

Free yourself of the limitations of your animal body! Everything is connected with the whole, your hormones, your sex life, your personality, your health, plus your search for a greater purpose, your spirituality.

Makes sense?

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