This type of tantric massage (Yoni) is exclusively for women. Combining with the touch of Ayurvedic massage together with Tantra it will make your whole body relax, awaken the sensory and energetic regions of the body and lead to the awakening of body awareness, directed from the lower centres (feet and legs) to the upper centres (head).

The conscious touch session for Yoni is seen as therapeutic and is sometimes introduced as a method to relieve tension, numbness or pain, with the subtlety to increase body sensitivity and increase awareness of intimate responses, in this special tantric massage for women, the main objective is healing and, sometimes, spasm can result.

Tantric massage for women removes physical and emotional blockages, promotes skin and spirit rejuvenation, strengthens the pelvis muscles, dissolves internal blocks and replaces this space with self-confidence, that is, you can become that person you always dreamed of being: happy, complete, loved and understood.

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