What do you want to improve with tantra massage?

In short, the tantric massage when it is done in its authenticity becomes a sacred practice. By evoking one’s embodied awareness and intention, a bond is created and with the help of breath and touch one can achieve altered states of pure consciousness and connection to the Divine. Pleasure is the result of this surrender.

For authentic tantra seekers, tantric massage must be done with an intention, that is, a strong intention has the power to create your own reality and change it as you wish, everyone knows how powerful the mind is and its ability to create. 

And what does intention have to do with tantric massage?

Intention has a strong relationship with desire, that is, something we want to manifest.

Intention is a power statement that you can create to develop a new pattern of thinking and attract better experiences.

The way I see it, intention is a more powerful form of desire, because in it there is also a decision.

Just wanting indicates lack, but a well-crafted intention demonstrates a focus on action, a decision to make it happen.

In tantric massage, the intention is for the therapist or “giver” to focus on providing satisfaction to the “receiver”, their satisfaction is created according to their intention.

When you have a clear and powerful intention, you put your attention on it. That’s how I like to say: everything you focus on expands.

In short, it's the following:

- Only desiring has a focus on lack;

- Creating intent focuses on change;

Wanting something is important, but it’s only the first step. Staying in it means putting your attention on the lack, so to accomplish it you have to go to the next level.

Intention is the evolution of desire!

If you want to know how to make this shift, below are my tips on the 4 steps to creating a powerful intention to experience my tantric massage.

1 – Be clear and objective

Make your statement simply. If you could say in 5 words what you want, what would it be?

To make a strong intention, you need to be very clear and direct – otherwise, it can be confusing even to you.

Therefore, when I ask you why you are looking for tantric massage, it is important and imperative to know why.

2 – State your intention in the affirmative

Find out exactly what you WANT and put your attention on it. For example, instead of saying “I’m not sick”, prefer “I’m healthy”.

3 – Say your intention out loud or write it down

Did you know that you have over 70,000 thoughts a day?

So how are you going to send a clear I want message to the Universe if you don’t focus on any of those thousands of thoughts?

4 – The external is the result of the internal

If you want to live the relationship of your dreams, for example, it is because you are looking for some feeling that you want to experience more often.

Therefore, prefer to focus on strengthening your feelings of ability, worthiness and identity rather than focusing only on the external.

Avoid using the word “want”, because it vibrates lack.

Prefer to conjugate in the present moment, for example: I have, I feel, I am, I believe, I am.

This is related to tip 4, as it will help you to strengthen your interior and, with that, everything on the exterior will be modified.

Then you will make a shift to a more abundant lifestyle, in which you focus your attention on the possibility of achievement rather than the fear of lack.

So, which of these tips was the most important to you?

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