How often should I do authentic tantric massage sessions?

Authentic tantric massage is for those who are in search of self-knowledge, body awareness, personal development, development of orgasmic and energetic potential, self-esteem, personal power, breaking with conditioning or who wish to solve sexual dysfunctions. But how often should I do authentic tantric massage sessions? Or is there an ideal frequency for the results to be even better for the body? Find out in this article.

If you are one of those passionate about tantric massage, you know that you could undergo sessions almost every day, right? After all, they are pleasurable and make the day much lighter and more orgasmic.

Tantric massage is delicious and benefits all parts of the body, including the genitals. One of the main benefits of tantric massage, for example, is improving circulation and movement, in addition to oxygenating organic tissues and rescuing lost energy, cleaning the waste that circulates daily through your body.

Tantric massage is a special type of massage that uses energy and chakras (an energy center in the body according to Indian belief). However, it is not a quick or unworked experience. Rather, this is a step-by-step total relaxation technique that is performed in a safe, comfortable, and undisturbed environment.

The Body and Tantra

Tantra is an important milestone in the history of Yoga, as it brings to light a new conception of the body, which before that was considered an obstacle to liberation, a source of corruption and an enemy of the Spirit. This view of the body as a bundle of temporal substantial things gave way to a physical conception of the abode of God, and the preparation of the body became an alchemical process for realizing spiritual perfection. The body came to be seen as a reflection of the macrocosm, which contains all the secrets of the universe.

Because of these precepts, Tantra is considered a non-repressive philosophy, that is, it removes the repressions that are imposed on our body, our desires and sensations by culture, religions and morals. Tantra proposes a cure through conscious pleasure and consequently the activation of our sexual energy. Through sex and pleasure, the kundalini (the energetic serpent that resides at the base of our spine and therefore in our 1st chakra, which is our energy center that connects us with the earth) rises, activating the other chakras until it reaches in the 7th energy center.

To learn more about the energy levels of tantric massage I suggest reading the article about. In the article I talk more about the 3 types of energies and levels in tantric massage.

The framework of knowledge in psychology and anthropology says that the body expresses the way in which a person experiences himself and lives in the world. Therefore, we must recognize that our bodily expression is shaped by past events and, mainly, by the interpretations that we draw from them. All experiences count, and the most significant ones certainly produced energy signatures in our body, precisely because of our inability to give vent to their expressions and resulting feelings. Freud says that “in the unconscious nothing ends, nothing is past or forgotten”. Psychoanalysis states that unresolved emotions will seep into behavior, manifesting themselves in a variety of ways, such as dreams, thoughts, play, physical symptoms and relationship patterns.

Tantra is a path of personal development that has always followed opposite paths to this vision presented above. The tantric tradition values the body, human energy, the human senses and, above all, the sacred marriage between masculine and feminine, in us, in relationships with others, with nature and with existence. Tantric scriptures present a view of life as something special that takes place in the here and now – unlike the view of life as a preliminary that prepares you for the kingdom of heaven, where then, all existence will finally make sense. The various facets of the tantric tradition converge in asserting that tantric practices are relevant to all those who seek to cultivate self-knowledge and are sincerely engaged in the task of spiritual evolution.

For Tantra, the quest consists of living an experience of transcendence, with the human body as the main “vehicle” to make this new state possible. But transcendence of what, exactly? The verb transcend means to overcome something, to go beyond some limit. A good way to interpret this state of transcendence has to do with the idea of cycles of existence. While in the Western Cartesian tradition the passage of time is seen as a linear experience that links the past to the future, the Tantric approach views it as an interesting creation and recreation of cycles. Existence and the universe for Tantra seem to pulsate in cycles of expansion, contraction and relaxation. Especially, at each cycle the human being provides himself with opportunities for learning and expansion of consciousness.

For this reason, tantric practices involve awakening the body’s energy. In the essence of Tantra is the search for the meditative state, that is, the realization of sharing the protagonism of existence among all the control centers, instead of just the mind.
In meditation we create experiences of connection with the silence of our entrails, with the power of our chakras and, in short, we reduce the power of influence of our ego’s limiting identifications – hence the idea of transcendence that I mentioned above. In Tantra, breathing, meditation and energy movement are powerful instruments for expanding the being.

Our body's memories

Our body has memories, which are stored in our soul since our creation, or in this life from the moment we were born, one of the wonders of tantric massage is the release of these memories through touch, when this memory is released our body becomes allows you to feel new sensations and pleasure. There are 2 types of people, those sensitive to touch and those who are still in the process of releasing their bodies.

For sensitive people, tantric massage is easier to do, because the body’s bioelectricity is not dormant, but for others, this process may take time.

How often should I have tantric massage?

Tantric massage is an endless process, the more your body is stimulated, the more waves and new sensations will be released, much more pleasure, much more love, much more new discoveries and body self-knowledge.

Just as sex, for us tantrikas seen as an art, must be exercised and explored, calmly, slowly until perfection is reached, tantric massage is also that way, an art that seeks to bring perfection to the body, providing more pleasure, acceptance, release of beliefs and body self-knowledge.

In this way, there are some stages that will be analyzed during a first session, so that all bodies reach this release of pleasure in meeting with the Divine, often more than one session is necessary.

Usually a single session will bring you countless benefits such as more body self-knowledge, a feeling of well-being, among others.

Read more: Benefits of Tantric Massage

But the more you practice, the more you reach perfection like everything else in life, tantric massage should be interpreted as a regular massage, which should be done frequently, to maintain and preserve all its benefits.

Those who practice tantric massage and follow all my post massage advice know that the sensations can last from 1 to 2 weeks, but after that what should I do? Keep practicing, insert tantric massage into your life as self-care, as self-preservation, as the peace you seek in the midst of chaos.

Body development is a continuous process and so is pleasure, a free person is different from a person who has been sexually reprimanded their whole life, just as it is different from a person who has suffered some type of sexual abuse, each person has their own process of self-discovery, the objective is the same, to feel pleasure, regardless of which one, for some the pleasure is just to silence the mind, for others it is to reach multiple orgasms in one session and so on, tantric massage is a way of releasing your traumas, your beliefs, and even religion, and will provide you with new discoveries, new horizons, practice frequently, insert tantric massage into your daily life.

If you are a shy person with little sexual experience, you are afraid of how your performance will be in bed with your partner, you understand that there is a sexual limit, full of beliefs, and for you to release that voracious appetite for pleasure you will have to practice and tantric massage is a safe way to stimulate these desires and fantasies because there is no sexual connotation, but you will be invited and feel free to explore your 5 senses during the session.

During the sessions, the more you free yourself from yourself, the more healing the massage will provide you, pleasure comes along with it, because pleasure is connected with our liberation, our body was imprisoned, our beliefs about sexuality were limiting us little to little, to the point that we forget who we really are.

Tantric massage will provide you little by little, session by session, with this fantastic discovery of self-acceptance, unlimited pleasures and infinite imagination. The more you do, the more you want, because it’s good for the body, soul and heart.

We learn to love more, accept more, rewrite our history, and learn new ways of getting to know each other.

Practice often.
Be light, be free…

This is how I conduct a Tantra massage session.

Each session is tailored to each person’s needs.

Work that I am extremely grateful for all the transformations, discoveries, gifts, stories, awareness, exchanges, shares, relationships and beauties that it has given me and gives me every opportunity to experience and attend.

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