Trust in your wisdom

The essence of ancient wisdom of Tantra to open up your inner desire portal diving into your deep intimate pleasure to explore new sensations, to reclaim & embrace the surprising sources of the elixir of life delighting and offering new ways to enlighten and uplift the spirit beyond the universe and the infinite love.


Tantric Rituals

Tantric Rituals

The great tantric tradition of India presents a unique opportunity to discover the Divine through the use of ancient rituals and ritualistic practices.


Tantra for Women

tantra for women

An opportunity to explore what it means to be an Integrated Woman. Look into your body and discover its secrets, its sensuality, its immense capacity for pleasure.


Tantra for Men

tantra for men

The ultimate connection with your body. A profound journey experience that culminates in being at one with the Divine. Explore your feelings and sensations!


Workshop for Couple

tantra for couple

Tantra workshop for couple to dig deeper into intimacy combined the pleasures of transcendent consciousness with the charms of sexuality.


Orgasm developing for women

Orgasmic Developing for women

It is a process of behavioural development and monitoring that seeks to awaken the female orgasmic potential of the body.


Yoni Mapping

Yoni Mapping

 Yoni mapping is a self-empowerment of the feminine sacred womb, to heal and release traumas or feelings whether that’s emotional, spiritual, or physical.


Self-Touch for Women

Self touch tantra massage

Self touch is a practice for intimate connection combine of mindfulness, self pleasure and magic sensations,


Awake your full body potential

Discovery the Tantric Highest level of consciousness and explore new sensations for confidentially and sublime happiness.

Awake your full body potential and ignite your erotic energy!

Filled with rituals, ceremonies and self-reflexion, the Tantric Journey is brimming with magick.

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A client-centered approach founded on core principles of high professional standards, ethical practice, and authentic tantric education, offered with a pure loving intention for the purposes of healing.

Tantric Massage Therapy

Tantric Massage is perfect for those who want to arouse body sensitivity, raise their positive energy and discover new sensations of your body.

Tantra Workshop for Couple

The happiness and fulfillment in a couple relationship with that introduces an enlightened master perspective on love and attachment.

Tantra for Woman (Yoni)

Yoni massage allows you to explore your body in a slow, methodical, and delightful way and focuses on several sensitive areas of the woman’s body...

Tantra for Men (Lingam)

Lingam massages aim to help the receiver truly take hold of their intimate power and connect with new sensations and bliss.

Tantric Rituals

The great tantric tradition of India presents a unique opportunity to discover the Divine through the use of ancient rituals and ritualistic...

Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic massage is based on the ancient Indian principles of Ayurvedic medicine and marma points, designed to heal the body and create a balance...

Welcome to my sacred tantric world, my name is May Gonzalez, I specialized in the ancient art of Tantra Massage. I offer a safe space where you can heal your pain, reclaim your birthright to enjoy sex as pleasure, and regain sexual mastery of your own success.

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what people say about my treatments

Amazing professional, it was my first experience with tantra and my experience was amazing, I can't describe how I felt, I will definitely want to continue this therapy, the therapist was super attentive with a amazing energy, high recommendation

Wow, What can I say about this transcending experience? Incredible! Still without words, just felling the energy of my inner power that I never thought I was able to. Amazing to get to know myself deeper and with Mayara's help. Such talent person with gentle touch, excellent vision and sense about what to do. Can't wait to come back! Many thankss!!

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Our sophisticated form of massage can bring about miraculous healing effects and is very therapeutic in nature
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Discovery how to bring Tantra into your daily life and explore your body as a full.

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