Pleasure, P-Spot and Lingam massage for men

If you dive deeper into Authentic Tantric Massage, you’re going to find there are 4 levels of sensory development, each connected with a specific tantric massage technique. The P-Spot Massage is the last step within this therapeutic formula for the development of male orgasmic potency. This technique messes with taboos, faces a lot of resistance even within the world of Tantra. At this stage of sensory development, stimulation is performed directly on the prostate, with touches that access the region through the rectum.

First level - Sensitive Massage

Development starts by reconnecting the body with the fluidity of sexual energy, spreading energy to various neuromuscular chains, connecting the whole body with the orgasmic experience at more subtle levels. At this point in the treatment there is no genital stimulation of any kind; here we are teaching the body that the whole of it is orgasmic and that we can go beyond genital pleasure.

The objective of this stage is to awaken the body’s bioelectricity in the physical body by touching the skin. In an extremely subtle way, we awaken the body to a subtle sensory touch. It is important to consider that the circulation of this electricity is largely responsible for the physical, mental and emotional balance of our body. Many diseases are caused by the lack of this electrical supply in the body. These electrical stimuli gradually become more potent and become muscle spasms – they are muscle movements that appear in the form of intense waves of pleasure. The increase in volume of these waves gives rise to an incredible orgasmic experience. What happens then is what we call “Dry Orgasm”, or “Orgasmic waves”. Exploring and becoming aware of the orgasmic potential that our bodies carry, we allow the experimentation of other possibilities of pleasure under a new perspective: a path for the growth and expansion of consciousness.

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Second level - Ayurvedic Massage

The ancient art of India Ayurvedic Massage is more than just a relaxing massage. This massage has been recommended by Tantric practitioners for its soothing/loving touch vs the more erotic/arousing style. Ayurvedic massage is a beautiful expression of love, however when a person has undergone severe trauma, the body needs to learn to relax again in order to calm the mind and eventually learn to trust; that is why Ayurvedic massage is preferable before introducing any type of Tantric massage/techniques.

Third level - Lingam Massage

With the body more sensitive, more awake and the conscience more present in the internal sensations, the development proceeds to its level. Here we take advantage of Sensitive’s relaxation and Ayurvedic Massage to start the work of energy concentration through the male genital. Throughout the sessions, the sensitive time decreases and the volume of genital stimuli increases, until we move to the next stage.

The stimuli of the Lingam massage are directed towards the genitals, but they are not to be confused with the movements or stimuli of masturbation. All work is done in a subtle way, developing man’s sensitivity and bringing new references of excitement and pleasure. Here the bioenergetic production is intensified and begins to prepare the man’s body to retain more energy, increase the orgasmic potency and move towards the last stage of Authentic tantric massage.

At this stage the work is focused, oversized and intensified in your Lingam. It is important to emphasize that these genital manipulations are techniques that have nothing to do with masturbation, but with deeply studied and researched stimuli, specifically applied with the aim of increasing the sensory aspect of the genital region, providing a type of pleasure and altered states of awareness and awareness never experienced in the usual masturbatory or sexual manipulations. Various types of touch are used, aiming to bring greater oxygenation and blood irrigation to the entire pelvic area, activating reflex points and providing varied sensations that we rarely have the opportunity to experience. The conscious touch is a very powerful method of pure presence and connection, security and confidence that change the way your body understands pleasure. Making your body understand the messages and intuitions about feeling pleasure and have a great potential to deeply support and heal.

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Fourth level - P-Spot Massage

At this point in development, man faces both internal and social taboos, and opens himself up to the most sensitive experiences his body is capable of producing. At P-Spot, the prostate is stimulated directly through the rectum. This contact – in addition to being extremely healthy and restorative for the region – is capable of amplifying the man’s orgasmic experience to levels that are often unknown. Whether the man is heterosexual or homosexual, the work teaches openness, confidence, and receptivity to the body and enhances the strength of male archetypes.

This is how I conduct a Tantra massage session.

Each session is tailored to each person’s needs.

Work that I am extremely grateful for all the transformations, discoveries, gifts, stories, awareness, exchanges, shares, relationships and beauties that it has given me and gives me every opportunity to experience and attend.

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