How to become a multiple orgasmic man

You know that dish you love and decide to enjoy it slowly to take a while to finish? Yes, many men love sex, and all they want is to be able to enjoy the sensations of orgasm for longer, which can seem impossible. The good news is that it’s not impossible. Learn how to become a multiple orgasmic man.

When a man makes love and reaches a point of no return, he reaches a brief climax, then the post-ejaculatory gap begins and visits a lower level of sexual arousal, and they have to come back gradually, which can take a long time.

With this, men end up creating a goal in sexual intercourse that is ejaculation, making sex something frustrating.

how do men overcome the ejaculation paradigm?

Normally, excitement occurs first through physical or thought stimuli, imagination, which passes into erection during stimulation. This state of arousal often results in erections. And if the stimulation starts you can feel different levels of erection, until orgasm contract the musculature to the maximum and relax.

The secret is that at this point one can reach multiple orgasms. At the time of contraction, it is possible to observe the contractions of the prostate, each lasting from three to five seconds.

Although the intensity of these pleasurable pelvic orgasms varies, it is certain that they can be just as intense as orgasms during the ejaculation phase, even if they start out very mild at first.

This is the time to be aware that if you keep going to the tipping point, ejaculation will inevitably happen. So take a moment to stop and control your arousal by slowing your breathing and maintaining a centered, present posture.

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How to become multiple orgasm?

According to Tantric and Taoist traditions, the key to achieving a full-body orgasm is the ability to expand and move this energy through the spine and upper body, initially experiencing multiple orgasms. Your sexual energy is sublimated. However, due to the conditioning of the vast majority of men for years, ejaculation normally leads to the interruption of this process, so feeling and learning to expand the sensations close to orgasm will lead to an extension of this phase, and consequently to an expansion of the pleasure experienced. .

As you reach this level of proprioception and development by sublimating this energy, you will discover how you can experience orgasmic sensations with other parts of your body.

In addition to the voluntary contraction of the PC muscle and the increase in sensitivity in the pelvic area, a well-directed tantric massage creates all the conditions for the degenitalization of pleasure, the sublimation of sexual energy and the discovery of the body’s orgasmic pathways.

You deserve to regain your pleasure in life, and tantric therapy can help a lot.

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