4 tips for a tantric lifestyle practice

People all over the world use tantric practices to become better lovers, create more satisfying relationships and, consequently, live a happier life in complete harmony.

Tantra also teaches that spirituality resides within the body and that the gifts of the body can be used to promote and achieve spiritual clarity, ecstasy, satisfaction and respect. In this way, Tantra also becomes a lifestyle of constant purification and continues.

Change your perception

Tantra is a way of life, when you become more and more aware of everything around you, you can transform small every day and mundane tasks into spiritual practice, such as, for example: 

Eating more and more naturally to take care of our body as a Temple.

Even arguments and difficult times can become sacred, words become medicine.

Or simply strolling down a street that has never been, or cleaning the house, become reasons for immense gratitude.

A sense of humour and a little awareness often works wonders!

And by the way, teaching Tantra does not make us omnipotent – in teaching we are learning, we are your students, we are students of life.

There are no tantric teachings if we don’t experience them, we are impermanent beings in constant evolution.

In my opinion, Tantra is the most potent for relieving today’s stress and anxiety, puts life in perspective and testing, improves relationships and communication and leads to personal and spiritual fulfilment. 

And really, isn’t that what we all want? A good life, full of love, ecstasy and intimacy?

Thus, I made a small resume 4 tips for a Tantric lifestyle of daily practices that I use in my constant evolution, about life, about everyday life that everyone can practice.

1 - Accept your body

Tantra teaches you to accept and enjoy your body the way it is, and also that it is important to look after your body, and to treat it as well as you can.

2 - Practice regular exercises

Practising Tantra yoga, is a good way to get more fit, and the healthier you are, the more you’ll benefit from tantric meditations. 

Gentle but effective stretching such as Pilates, another kind of yoga, or Tai Chi helps you realize your body’s strength and flexibility. 

Try to do something that gets your heart pumping regularly, and that makes you feel alive, whole, and vibrant.

3 - Eat healthy

Good food and exercise play an important role in tantra. 

When you eat healthy you are look after your body, you can bring that energy to your meditations. 

Make healthy choices, and slow down, savoir, and enjoy the food you eat. 

This is an essential part of awakening your senses.

Awake new sensations

Dance of feelings is an important part of Tantra and features in some of the meditations that follow. 

It is a way of celebrating your body, your life, and your freedom of expression. 

You will notice that when you start to move, your mood will lift and your body will feel energized, alive, and very sexy. 

These feelings are the natural rewards of living a tantric lifestyle.

Let’s start a new journey, discover new possibilities to live a harmonious and happy life.

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