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How Tantra Massage helps build a healthy immune system

A healthy immune system is very important in this Covid-19 times, Tantra Massage treatments benefits are so many includes treatments of soft tissue strains or injures, headaches, anxiety and helps with digestive disorder.

Crucially Tantra also develop self-confidence, in the positivity way that can significantly affect the immune response, because Tantra can transmute your negative energy in positive.

Tantra Massage improving the immune system and even more generally assumed that could help reduce the risk of coronavirus infection and possibly be helpful even contracting the virus at all.

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Marma Therapy in Tantra Massage boost your energy

Marma is an important concept in Ayurveda treatments, this ancient Indian practice marma therapy whose focus the manipulation of the vita energy (prana) in the body to help the healing process.

There are 107 points in the body to access the healing process to restore the patients health and serenity. The ancients Indian treatments believed that a health soul can only grow and flourish in a strong health body.

Marma points were very used during Tantra massage therapy treatments with gentle stimulation of specific energy points thought whole body massage with natural and essential oils.

When these specifics points are stimulated, they release a steady stream of prana (energy) to restore balance in the body.

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Some marma points correspond to specific chakra distributed in the whole body, like arms and legs, back, torso, stomach, neck, head and face and when your chakras are in imbalanced for some attitudes, thoughts or traumas, the energy in your body get blocked and cannot flow properly, therefore the body does not function harmoniously and you get illness. Marma Therapy brings your vitality, serenity and have a very strong healing effect to boost your immune system and activating and harmonize your chakras, this will assist your whole being in the transformation process.

Marma Therapy is the art of treatments of vital points on the humans body and in one of the important element of Ayurveda’s healing treatment and it can be used also to detoxify strengthen and revitalize the body for rejuvenation and relaxation or release blocked energy. 

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