The path of self-knowledge and higher consciousness

The path of self-knowledge and higher consciousness is a process that we all go through and that aims to identify patterns of thought or limiting beliefs and personal habits and, from that, allow the individual to improve his behavioural responses and decision making.

Self-knowledge and higher consciousness begins within our minds to find solutions and is reflected outside, and to go beyond ourselves, we have to connect with our parts that are asleep, scorned or forgotten and gradually change positively the perception of reality and the reaction to different situations. It is important to know who we are and where we are in order to move forward and start over.

To start over is to live a new chance, it is, above all, an inner decision. We all have our own difficulties and, above all, maturity to be able to go beyond our own ego, to recognize that the paths change, people change, cycles end and others start over and that it is necessary to plant new steps with new destinations and to free ourselves and face once and for all what imprisons us. Our fear of trying, deciding or accepting the “new” in our life.

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When we accept a new cycle in our life, we become aware of our choices, our perception of reality changes, and we move to levels where the answer we seek can arise. 

The answer is always within us, but to get there we will have to face and understand that the path is not easy or that simple, and it is okay to miss the direction, but we can always find a new path and step by step to free ourselves from our own prisons, the biggest of which is our fear. Fear prevents us from knowing ourselves higher consciousness.

Every day I have an obligation to uplift my soul, maintain honesty and strive to make myself better than yesterday.

The self-knowledge

Self-knowledge elevates us spiritually, makes us wise to live in the present, alerts us to things that are no longer worthwhile and to colour us inside, both in the personal or professional aspect. 

Have you ever stopped to think about what self-knowledge really means?

The Higher consciousness

Higher consciousness helps you to take a new direction in our lives, but trying something new does not mean giving up your ideals, but investing in life and the possibility of being happy, because it exists, and you have to seek it every day, even if it is necessary to review routes and trace new goals that signal to other directions and for that we have to know ourselves as beings of light and understand that it is essential to have a healthier and more balanced life.

And going further: Have you thought about how much you know about yourself – and how can you know even more?

Exercises to develop self-knowledge

Start asking yourself “why do I want to change?” If you can find three good reasons to continue that decision, you will have more clarity in your mind, you will be able to act rationally, avoid bad actions – usually taken on impulse – and become more confident. Self-knowledge and higher consciousness is having emotional intelligence, the way people deal with their feelings, emotions, people and situations is governed by emotional intelligence. Below we list some tips for you to expand your emotional intelligence.

  • Learn to say no: Being kind is quite a quality, but don’t let that negate your own desires and harm you.
  • Explore new things and experiences: Get out of your comfort zone, work on a new personal project, something you haven’t yet experienced. Being open to the new is essential to learn.
  • Change your mind: Deconstruct old concepts and change your mind, reflect on your beliefs and opinions, exercise new ways of thinking and new points of view.
  • Take time for yourself: Taking care of yourself is fundamental and pleasurable. Lay out and reinvent a new morning routine, prepare healthy foods, and build a new life that you don’t need to escape.

When you start taking care of yourself, you start looking inward, you become more independent and you no longer use irrational excuses as a justification for self-sabotage and procrastination.

Diving in this new learning process, the new discoveries that no one is perfect and think about the problem with more love and empathy can help much more than worrying about them. Thus, one finds a balance and harmony with the adversities of life.

Learn how to be organized every single day by following a simple routine.

Understand what being out of alignment with what you want and that makes you unhappy; lying to yourself makes things worse and this affects your long term.

Being honest with yourself allows you to have a positive mindset and more often you fit makes you more sincere with your self-love and even if it means that you are not loved by everyone.

You are more attentive to observing your own needs so that you do not become anxious and dependent on others.

And then, when you least expect it, become the person you know you should be.

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