6 Tips to expand your awareness and apply it in your day to day!

Expand your awareness and apply it in your day is just a fancy schmancy way of saying: be more aware of what you do, what you experience, how you react, and what that reaction means to show you. It doesn’t mean to feel less or do less or be different; just to be more aware, more conscious. 

I made 6 tips for you as taking your awareness beyond, and the things that directly impact upon you. It’s about becoming less pessimist, about really understanding and connecting with the world beyond your own and to be aware of it’s existence.

1 - Meditate

A direct path to the expansion of consciousness is to bring the mind home, the gift of learning to meditate is the greatest blessing you can give yourself. Start with short, 5 or 10 minute sessions every day. Regularity is more important than duration.

2 - Look inside yourself

Pay attention to your reaction to eddies of emotions. What do you feel? Do you know yourself? What makes you feel? Why do you feel? Reflect on your actions and be patient with yourself.

3 - Try Aromatherapy

The healing effects of aromatherapy are well known. You can use essential oils that are extracted from plants used for bathing, quality aromatic candles, diffusers and sprays. Aromatherapy brings balance to emotions, helps to meditate, provides energy balance, has therapeutic benefits, is natural calming and activates higher consciousness.

4 - Protect yourself from negative energies

What is your body asking for? The body speaks. Rest, cultivate positive thinking, listen to songs that raise your vibration, such as mantras, sounds of nature, have moments of connection with yourself.

5 - Be present

The present is the most true, when you live the present, you live fully. You realize how much, it is complete and whole. You simply thank yourself for being and being, by living in the present, you will be able to enjoy all the peace that exists within you.

6 - Be grateful

From the moment you give thanks for the things you have, you start to value life more. We plant an internal reflection of realizing how much your life is blessed by having many things, that others do not have the opportunity to have and to have arrived where you arrived. “A house to live in, for the food on the table, for work, for knowledge, for the family, etc”.

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These are a lot of ways to expand your awareness and apply it in your day to day! 

These 6 ways are great ways to increase your awareness and help you in your journey. Which do you think will be most effective for you?

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