Tantra the art of feeling

Tantra is the art of teaching, it’s the path of intelligence, it’s not questioning, just feeling, it’s surrendering completely to the unknown, it’s feeling everything, and being part of a whole, it’s just being One, is unconditional love.

Tantra is going beyond thoughts, no mind, Tantra is the healing of the tired mind that does not stop thinking, that is always accelerated, it is the answer to the escape of thoughts that do not they give you answers, that doesn’t let you live in the present, that you are always questioning, Tantra is the middle way, balance and peace.

If you have ever questioned your life, your thoughts, your existence, Tantra has the answer.

  1. How did you find Tantra?
  2. How did you get here?
  3. What brought you here?
  4. Why Tantra?
  5. What do you want to learn from Tantra?

Tantric Orgasm

Orgasm in tantra is a small window that opens for a few seconds and gives you the feeling of being able to spy the supreme fullness, even for a few seconds, the feeling is instants that bring you to the present, right now!

The authentic tantra

Tantra teaches you the way to live in harmony with your body, for many a science that studies the body’s energy, for others a lifestyle.

When someone tells me they want to learn Tantra I always say, so prepare yourself, because you’re going to read a lot, you’re going to study a lot, you’re going to dive deep into the infinite and vast universe within yourself, who are you?

Learn tantra

Out of curiosity and for having become famous, many turn to Tantra to find intimate healing, practice tantric sex, a happier sexual life, fighting depression, greater sensory pleasure, acceptance, more pleasurable relationships, treatments for sexual dysfunctions, famous dry orgasms, but forget that for every teaching there is a dedication, a continual search for knowledge, a deep dive into yourself, taking full responsibility for being you and for everything that happens in your life, including feelings and emotions.

Are you ready to feel?

Yes, I feel, and I feel so much! And I’m sorry if you don’t feel! Do you want to start to feel?

Tantra is the art of feeling, of shaping the invisible and subtle forces that manifest in the world, it is the awakening of the deeper levels of conscious awareness, beyond the rational.

How Do I Change?

Many want healing but don’t want change, remain continually on a continuous wheel of life that never evolves, spinning wildly and takes them to the same starting point again and again.

Tantra is not just healing, Tantra is wisdom, Tantra teaches you that the healing is in you.

Tantra shows you the way, I just channel the energy so that most of you feel and understand.

Let it go!

The path is deep and pleasurable when you do it, when you take the focus off what you’re looking for, that’s when you find it, if you have time to feel, what do you feel? How many times have you surrendered? Without thinking, without questioning, just felt?

Nothing needs to be learned or found outside of you. All you have to do is tune in to your essence, to the being that is beyond your own ego, your solid frame of mind, for everything to start shifting in the direction that suits you the most.

The deconstruction of a sick society that forgot to feel…

“A woman is not encouraged to explore her own body, to explore her own strength and achievements, submissive to man’s authority, she must identify with masculine perceptions and their spiritual ideals, disown her body, stifle her sexuality, mold her conception of the world and male form”

“Our current society inculcates in man that virility requires the absence of emotions, he is oriented to behave in a military way, to repress any emotion, to ignore the body’s messages. He must endure discomfort, pain is fear, in order to better fight and conquer, whether on the battlefield, in the bedroom or not at work. He must be aggressive and domineering, while the woman, passive and submissive!”

If you fit that profile, that’s where you forgot to feel…

I create and channel experiences so that you can get in touch with your body’s sensitive wisdom, with your emotional anatomy in a context of high sensitivity and mastery.

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