Maithuna – The sacred Sex and my Ritual

First of all, it is important to remember that, in Maithuna, the strength of freedom, naturalness and spontaneity present in Tantrism. The word natural is the hallmark of this philosophy, which sees life and the world in the most natural way possible. Nothing is forbidden, this for those who are already on the Tantric Path, because they already have their conscience awake and know how to make their choices with discernment and spiritual wisdom, that is, they do not make their choices based only on their selfish or egocentric interest. The Sadhaka is fully aware of the strength of Karma and the action of Dharma and, therefore, is a being integrated with himself and with the outside world, exercising conscious, responsible ethical relationships.

The basis of the Maithuna Ritual is the establishment of a relationship based on tantric love, in which body and spirit are not dissociated and in which there is not internally between the partners any feeling of denial of the expression of the body and its sexual impulses, or any sense of worthlessness of their yearnings, desires and instincts. All this is experienced in the most peaceful and natural way possible. 

There are no barriers or limits with regard to the forms that can be established in this relationship, a relationship in which one seeks to realize all the potentialities of pleasure that all instances of the human being, whether these instances of a physical or psychological nature, can provide in a sexual relationship. However, it should be noted here that all this search for pleasure is focused on the awakening of Kundalini, not establishing, therefore, a relationship only of pleasure for pleasure, ejaculation for ejaculation, as there are moral, cultural and spiritual principles that guide the whole practice of Maithuna.

Maithuna is a transforming Ritual and you can practice with a partner or a tantric initiate, for those who adopt the Ritual just as a curiosity, it may not have the expected result since Maithuna is done with a clear intention, as are all practices. , must take into account all the precipices of the authenticity of Tantra.

Some examples of Maithuna

Traditionally Indian, Maithuna can be made in several ways. One of the more traditional forms is known as Panchamakara, also known as the Five Ms. It is a tantric term referring to the five substances used in tantric practice, which are forbidden to Brahmans (priests) in India. These five Ms are: madya (alcohol), māṃsa (meat), matsya (fish), mudrā (roasted grain), maithuna (sexual act).

Some Rituals may incorporate meditation, yoga postures, the recitation of mantras (sacred syllables), the visualization of yantras (line and color diagrams representing the cosmos), pranayama (conscious breathing) and the invocation of a whole series of deities or devatas. (created by the coupling of Shiva and Shakti).

The moment of orgasm is, in theory, lost in a much longer wave of ecstasy, which does not involve ejaculation. The man must not discharge his semen.

To participate in the full Maithuna Ritual, you need to be introduced to the fundamental tantric principles of brahmacharya, energy sublimation, the chakra system and the 5 tattvas (the elements that create reality).

Benefits of Maithuna as a personal growth tool

This sexual alchemy has several stages, Maithuna is considered the first one where you with a tantric initiate will generate an absurd amount of sexual energy so that you can use this energy later for your personal development, depending on your knowledge, to awaken new abilities, to to develop intelligence, to develop physical vigor, among other benefits offered by tantric practices as well as tantric massage. Even being an initiate, you can see an absurd amount of benefits.

Maithuna Ritual will give you a considerable energy boost and will not bring any kind of side effects.

This practice will also provide you with altered states of pure consciousness, also called states of ecstasy, that is, when you reach this state, the amount of pleasure and effect on your psyche is so colossal that you realize your total lack of neediness, Most of the needs and decisions that people make today are based on fears and needs.

Among other benefits presented by this practice, I also highlight the amplification of courage, many people are afraid to exercise their own potential, for fear of making mistakes, insecurity, my Mathuna Ritual will give you that desire to start acting and see new possibilities and new paths whether professional or personal.

The intention for a Ritual

I encourage all my initiates to enter this journey, with this perception of change, of wanting to change their mindset.

What you are no longer matters. You will be a new being.

Find out what you are capable of.

Enhance your positives.

Most of the obstacles in your life, that you don’t reach, that you don’t move, that you don’t make money, that you don’t know who you are, that you don’t get new opportunities, that your life is stagnant, paralyzed, it is due to fear and its shortcomings.

The search for the Maithuna Ritual is precisely for you to break these paradigms in your life, this extremely new pattern in your life and explore your total pleasure.

Awakening the unconscious

The unconscious is where our beliefs reside that determines what you are or believe, and you identify with this knowing, with these thoughts, with these commands and also makes you stay in the same position. If you don’t change your unconscious you will be the same being today and 10 years from now, that’s why there are many types of therapies that will somehow try to access this unconscious so that you change your mindset and develop your potential.

For tantrikas, a person who does not develop their full potential has an unworked sexual energy, for obvious reasons of limiting beliefs and religion, this energy is “forbidden” and cannot be accessed.

Sexual ecstasy works as a catalyst, that is, when this absolute pleasure is accessed, it cleanses your unconscious, dissolves and resets your limiting beliefs.

Obviously an initiated tantrika will know the techniques to apply for each type of person.

My Ritual

You must be in a good mental and physical state or at least willing to change your sexual behavior and alchemize it.

I offer some of the most famous Rituals performed in Maithuna for some initiates, except physical sexual contact between us which involves touching the genitals, if you do not have any control over your sexual energy, or if your intention is to seek penetration, then this Ritual is not for you. Lack of sexual control and inappropriate behavior are not accepted in my Ritual.

This Ritual is made for anyone looking to learn to nurture a loving and protective relationship with themselves. Where you will be more open to show your emotions and surrender to the donor’s touch, gestures and especially emotions that express a feeling of love.

These rituals are magical and liberating in nature. They are performed with the intention of invoking action, joining with the divine, and perfecting yourself.

The Ritual uses sexual energy as fuel to elevate your state of mind. By consciously directing sexual desire and lust, this Ritual can guide the participant to higher states of consciousness.

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