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Third Eye Chakra – Sixth Energy Center

As we move forward in our personal and bodily growth, we are approaching communion with the divine. The third eye chakra controls our ability to see the real world and the big picture and connect with intuition. Think of it as the soul’s eye: it records information beyond the surface level. Intuitive visions and hits are not uncommon for someone with an open third eye chakra. This is the eye that allows us to see perceptibly and is connected to the pineal gland. This chakra connects all five senses, hearing, touch, smell, taste, vision and executes our mental capacity, imagination, memory – understanding concepts, through ideas practically.

Name: Third eye

Sanskrit name: Ajna

Mantra: OM

Element: None

Location: Coccyx region (base of spine)

Color: Purple / Dark Blue

When to develop: 36-42 years

In It is physically attached to the pituitary or pituitary gland in the eyes and nose, and is responsible for controlling all chakras. It is connected to the subconscious, that is, it is the chakra that is in charge, because it connects to our mental body, to the universe of dreams, sensations, symbols, the universe representative of metaphors, where things represent beyond what they are in the matter level.

It is a chakra that marks the entrance at 40 years old, it develops by vote from 36 to 42 years old. Some people tend to question themselves at this age about their ideas or feel incomplete, looking for something non-material that meets their needs. It is a moment where we start to feel the body getting older, and we start to talk more with the end of life and also everything that has beyond that life and beyond the body, that has to do with the spirit.

It influences our reasoning and the ability to absorb information and learning and the development and strengthening of intuition. When awake, it is an easy point to be balanced, as it is activated practically at all times through our vision, that is, our eyes feed it continuously.

Also, the largest command center of the central nervous system, in the physical body.

Problems related to malfunctioning include fears of being judged, rigidity, negative and destructive thoughts, vision problems, headaches, lack of concentration and mental confusion, among others.

To facilitate the harmony of this powerful energy center, which would assist in the functioning of organs and systems, it invests in an energetic cleansing such as Reiki or Tantric Massage, which is essentially sensory and very powerful, it is also considered the awakening and the rise of Kundalini through the other chakras, where its integration and power can be recovered. That done, we can begin a path of self-investigation to recognize how actions, thoughts and desires may be limiting us. The lack of self-knowledge and self-observation may be de-energizing your vortex, as if your thoughts and actions are opening cracks through which your vital energy escapes. Take care!


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