Throat Chakra – Fifth Energy Center

The throat chakra gives voice to the heart chakra and controls our ability to communicate our personal power. This chakra is connected to the throat, related to the thyroid (and parathyroid), it is responsible for blood purification and also the first upper chakra. It expresses the way I manifest myself about something in the world. Interestingly, creativity comes from the second chakra, but the will to manifest comes from this chakra. This energy center involves maturity, as its development starts from the age of 28/29 and lasts until 34/35 years old.

Name: Laringeo 

Sanskrit name: Anahata

Location: Throat

Mantra: HAM

Element: Ether

Color: Blue

When to develop: 29-35 years old

In full harmony, it allows us to express ourselves truly (through voice, gesture and hearing) and clearly, it is the chakra of the expression of ideas, creativity, security and the realization of idealized projects. In addition to its common characteristic being expression and communication, this chakra also has the capacity to learn to listen generously.

Its element of ether is also considered by Yoga philosophy to be the basic element, through which the elements of the lower chakras are condensed – such as earth, water, fire and air.

Someone with a blocked throat chakra will find it difficult to find the words to say, how they really feel, the way they express themselves, speak in public and communication is flawed, distort the truth and have a tendency to speak about the lives of others. They can feel pain and tension in the back of the neck, sensations that can radiate to the arms and hands because these are physical extensions of the throat chakra.

So this energy center is born at the height of the cervical vertebra in the throat, right at the base of the larynx. The neck, chin, ears, voice organs, trachea, bronchi, upper lung region, esophagus and arms influence the functioning of this energetic point and vice versa.

To facilitate the harmony of this powerful energy center, which would assist in the functioning of organs and systems, invest in an energetic cleansing such Tantric Massage, which is essentially sensory and very powerful, it is also considered the awakening and the rise of Kundalini through the other chakras, where its integration and power can be recovered.

That done, we can begin a path of self-investigation to recognize how actions, thoughts and desires may be limiting us.

The lack of self-knowledge and self-observation may be de-energizing your vortex, as if your thoughts and actions are opening cracks through which your vital energy escapes. Take care!

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