P-Spot | Prostate massage and its tantric benefits

The “P-Spot massage”, prostate massage or Sacred Point of man is the prostate. For Tantra, it represents the emotional sexual center.

Prostate massage is a therapy in which a specialized and qualify Tantric therapist, stimulates the prostate to expel fluids within the prostatic ducts, which can be useful in case of painful ejaculation, sexual impotence, treatment of prostate inflammation and cancer prevention. of prostate.

What is the prostate gland

The prostate is a small gland, the size of a chestnut, which is located just below the bladder and which produces an important liquid for the composition of sperm. Learn more about the prostate.

Since it is not possible to directly access the prostate, the massage needs to be done through the anus, as it is possible to feel the walls of the gland through the final portion of the intestine, and, therefore, it is recommended that it be performed only by qualified professionals.

Authentic Tantra and the prostate massage

Prostate massage releases an immense amount of physical and emotional stress and, accompanied by the lingam (“stick of light”) massage, can be extremely pleasurable and healing for a man. Like the genitals, the anus is connected with thousands of extremely sensitive nerve endings that can produce myriad sensations of pleasure.

What are the benefits of the P-Spot/prostate massage?

The purpose of the P-Spot Massage session is to provide contemporary man with new possibilities of pleasure from a new perspective and offer a new path of growth, expansion and awareness.

How is it work the session with P-Spot / prostate massage?

The session begins with commands and breathing exercises and relaxation of muscle tension points. You will be guided on how to allow the orgasmic waves to expand. These influxes that allow the release of old tensions, contraction memories, release of traumatic situations and balance of energy centers; producing new neurological connections and bringing acceptance of sensations, excitements and perceptions not known or not accepted.

After a period of acceptance of the process, relaxation and surrender, the introduction of a finger into the anus and exploration of the internal anatomy of the rectum canal begins, identifying the reflex tissues linked to the prostate. The maneuvers vary in intensity and location, while the stimuli produced in the Lingam (penis) take place. Simultaneously and integratively, producing new connections and synapses capable of expanding more and more the sensorial and orgasmic experience, up to Supraconsciousness.

This sensory experience takes place since the Glande in men, as well as the Clitoris in women, has specific innervations that associate them with the nipples and also with the Pineal gland in the brain. The stimulation carried out at this level, through these innervations, causes the Endocrine System to produce a significant increase in hormones and organic chemicals associated with pleasure such as Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphin.

Because it is not a sexual massage, the purpose of the session is not to reach ejaculation, which is different and independent of orgasm. However, if the patient has some type of dysfunction, it may happen, in this case I suggest a specific session for ejaculation control.

It is essential to emphasize that contemporary man is still unaware of the full potential of their bodies and their possibilities of pleasure. Everything is still a great discovery to be made and a potential to be revealed and that is available as long as there is courage and delivery, accompanied by professional guidance.

This is the experience of total ecstasy, physical, emotional and integrative. You need to experiment.
Try it!

How much is it cost?

Prostate massage is an extra, before scheduling a tantric massage you should inform me about your interest and why.

Prostate massage is not done for fun, its process is 100% therapeutic, with the intention of bringing more pleasure, new sensations and healing.

My name is May Gonzalez, I am tantric massage teacher and sexual re-education. I guide you, through special and contemporary techniques, to control anxiety, stress and improve your sex life. Getting to know your body and its sensory perception of arousal will free you from frustrations and will give you real pleasure and a prolonged feeling of well-being in return. 

This is how I conduct a Tantra massage session.

Each session is tailored to each person’s needs.

Work that I am extremely grateful for all the transformations, discoveries, gifts, stories, awareness, exchanges, shares, relationships and beauties that it has given me and gives me every opportunity to experience and attend.

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