11 attitudes to live a lighter life

Living a lighter life is not an easy task, because of habits and choices in our daily lives, we are not used to feeling good all the time. 

Living a lighter life means less stress and looking for more joyful moments, less worry and more optimism, less haste and more dedication, less shame and more good humour, less tiredness and more willingness to live. 

When we talk about “living lightly” we are talking about knowing how to live. Reflect on yourself: Get out of the routine a bit, take time to reflect on who you are.

Reflect on yourself

  • Get out of the routine a bit, take time to reflect on who you are.

Be yourself

  • Stop wasting so much time trying to show the world someone you are not, something you don’t even believe in.

Value your qualities

  • Start to value yourself a little more. It is much easier to value the other and what the other does.

Be patient

  • You need to be more patient with yourself! It is not possible to change like that, overnight

Get out of your comfort zone

  • No more belittling and forgetting who you are. Get out of your comfort zone and try new things.

Accept what cannot change

  • Stop self-criticizing, stop thinking that we are not enough for us.

Do it for yourself

  • You are an extraordinary, unique person, and that is precisely why you need to start putting yourself first in your own life.

Love yourself

  • Loving yourself is a difficult, arduous task that needs to be exercised every day.

Improve what you don't like

  • If you don’t like the way life is going, then try to improve.

It's okay to fail

  • You don’t have to get it right all the time, mistakes help us grow and mature.

Start over again

  • The best way to be happy is to know what change means, starting over. The ability to start over, as often as necessary, strengthens us.

Did you like to know the types of attitudes to live a lighter life that can help you in your day to day? 

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