What is Kundalini energy?

Kundalini energy is a force of energy that and lying like a coiled serpent in the etheric body at the base of the spine. 

When it is awake, it intensifies sexual energy, because it is there that human beings are most polarized, with specific energy sublimation techniques, the kundalini flows through the 7 chakras, rising and which instantly elevates to spiritual enlightenment. 

Kundalini can be awakened through various methods, including meditation, Hatha Yoga, tantric massage and mantras.

How the Kundalini Awakes?

When the Kundalini energy awakens from our sacrum, the sexual energy intensifies. 

It can lead to sexual addiction, because we feel this urgent compulsion to release this sexual energy constantly. 

The purpose of Tantric Massage, when this energy increases, is sublimation for the upper chakras, transmuting the sexual energy of Kundalini into universal energy of love.

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The purity of intentions and the spiritual aspiration are the true foundations of the awakening of the kundalini, otherwise it can become psychically unbalanced or even lead to madness. 

However, without any knowledge or attempt, the kundalini energy can manifest itself due to what it has already accomplished spiritually in past lives; so it requires prior knowledge to understand the movements of that energy.

The great deal with or sublimate this force that most beings have sexually polarized, it needs understanding and understanding (study), by observing its interior (mindfulness), by purity (sublimation), by aspiration (superior ideal) and, mainly, for spiritual realization (union with God).

Sublimation and transmutation this powerful energy

The awakening of this powerful energy will intensify your own energy and desires, the kundalini energy giving you well-being or even success, and it should be used for the greater good, love. 

In fact, this concept that the idea arises that Tantra is love, as this energy must be sublimated and transmuted, flowing in the heart (Anahata Chakra), however, most people with Kundalini awoke, end up wasting this powerful energy with sexual activity. 

This transfer of Kundalini energy power and sublimation and transmutation techniques, intensifies your inner knowledge and helps your spiritual realization. 

Those who are still unaware of unconditional love, ignore that there is more than the pleasure of sex, having difficulty leaving their source of desire, which they consider to be a precious good for themselves, and therefore preferring not to move forward.

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Unfortunately, attraction to the physical body alone causes a lot of mental and mental damage. 

One of the sure ways to change your attitude is to start with meditation, as it gives you a direct personal and spiritual knowledge of yourself, and allows you to master and use that energy beneficially. 

Sublimating and purifying these thoughts, more and more, enables the mind to enter dimensional spheres of higher consciousness.

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