Unawakened, arousal and orgasmic sexual energy in Tantra Massage

Orgasmic sexual energy is the first to enter the cell. THE POWER OF SEXUAL ENERGY is one of the most powerful energies a human being can experience. Therefore, you need to learn to use this energy in the right way. 

But first, to understand about this powerful energy, I’ll intrude you step by step, Tantra, Tantra Massage and then explain about this wonderful energy.

What is Tantra?

Tantra means the path to enlightenment and liberation, for anyone on a spiritual path also is a philosophy and a set of practices that form the basis for our healing and transformation. It revolves around working with the three most powerful human experiences. These are sexual desire, love, and our desire for freedom.

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What is Tantra Massage?

Tantra massage is part of the system of Tantra and means this is a type of massage that is known for its effective elements, that awakes our sexual energy. However, there is no sexual content. The primary objective of this type of massage is to achieve spiritual and physical harmony also promote energy rebalancing, overcome trauma and blockages, undo limiting beliefs, awaken sexual energy and expand the capacity to experience pleasure. It has nothing to do with sex or masturbation.
It also involves pranayama, meditation, and mindfulness elements.

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How to awake sexual energy?

I emphasize that awakening the sexual energy in my Tantra Massage has the objective of healing, self-knowledge, self-perception. Once this pleasure potential is recovered, everything starts to flow better, creativity, confidence and self-esteem are restored and this reverberates in all aspects of human life.

Tantra massage has had exceptional results and can even dispense with some traditional treatments such as hormone supplementation if continued, and many healing shave taken place in tantric practices as well as in other alternative practices and therapies. The truth is that healing happens because therapies help the body find the path to self-healing, as the body has all the knowledge it needs to heal itself.

It also involves pranayama, meditation, and mindfulness elements.

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What is Authentic Tantra Massage?

Our body has the ability to expand and release indescribable sensations, Authentic Tantric Massage combines bodywork with Authentic Tantric principles of how energy works in our being.

The authentic teachings of Tantra come from a lineage passed from master to disciples, either by a teacher or Guru who studies the body, mind and sexual energy in a sacred and authentic way according to the sacred books, usually a teaching lineage does not have an “End”, a Tantrika is always in search of new knowledge and understanding about the human body and its capacity for expansion, liberation and healing.

Tantric massage is a way to relieve pain and suffering that modern people carry in their daily lives, physical contact helps us feel loved, desired and complete.

In my authentic massage I use the combination of many techniques such as Yoga, meditation, pranayama, ayurvedic massage, marmatherapy, body energy points, body energetic diaphragm, body energy flow, chakras and astrology is also aligned with the personality of each client as well .

Authenticity also comes from studies such as human anatomy, authentic tantric studies and Yoga.

Another technique is also used, is Semen Retention, used by great martial arts masters, Yogis and advanced Tantrikas, much sought after today for those who want, for example, a treatment for sexual dysfunction such as premature ejaculation, increased pleasure, among others and many other benefits it can bring to a couple’s life, such as increased energy and vitality, channelling, multiple orgasms and dry orgasms.

My tantric massage is a practical guide that I offer my clients, knowledge about themselves, understanding and understanding, healing and pleasure.

How Authentic Tantra Massage works?

There are 3 types of sexual energy That I work with:

Unawakened, arousal, orgasmic sexual energy.

Unawakened sexual energy is available to us all the time as a latent force within us that we are often unaware of, like that desire to accomplish something, but which is always postponed.

In all my sessions, we access this energy consciously, I’m going to move this root energy, which will bring you more body awareness. That energy will provide you with power and vitality behind your actions and existence.

We first learn to access this inexhaustible source of energy through breathing, visualization, and intention. Some basic techniques will be taught before the session begins, choose your session wisely.

After accessing this potent energy, we can begin to awaken this latent energy. Arousal is when we become more aware of this inner strength. Our entire system heats up, the Lingam becomes moist and sometimes erect, the nipples become erect and swollen, our breathing becomes deeper, among other sensations that will be explained before the session that only tantric massage can provide.

This hotter sexual energy starts to move on its own and with the Tantra massage practices I apply, this powerful force in the body can nourish the nervous system, organs, glands and cells. As soon as we boil, one can reach the peak of orgasmic energy.

These processes may be known to some, but the intention of tantric massage is to provide awakening, body awareness and redirection of that sexual energy without wasting it.

The orgasmic energy is the most difficult of the three sexual energies to work with, as it is a fire itself! Starting with unexcited and then aroused sexual energy will help prepare us to work with orgasmic energy. Orgastic energy is the most poignant of these three, and therefore it is important to keep in mind our greater goal of harnessing this great force of nature that arises from within. The goal is the same: keep this source of energy within the body for health, vitality and youth.

It is only during orgasmic energy that dry orgasms occur, but one sexual energy depends on the other to flow.

Awakening is an exclusive technique created by me so that you can access these 3 forces within you, but people are different, some can only do it in one session, others need more sessions.

This is how I conduct a Tantra massage session.

Each session is tailored to each person’s needs.

Work that I am extremely grateful for all the transformations, discoveries, gifts, stories, awareness, exchanges, shares, relationships and beauties that it has given me and gives me every opportunity to experience and attend.

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Now you know how Tantra Massage can help your body, mind and soul

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