Dry orgasm in Tantric Massage for men

The man, whom do not know his own sexuality and himself, does not know his real nature. In tantric massage Rituals, man learn how to control his sexual energy and begins consciously to experiment with new forms of pleasure.

When a man truly decides to enhance his masculinity by controlling his own sexual energy, according to Tantra, he learns to give a woman or his partner a greater and deeper orgasmic experience and complete satisfaction.

When a man learn how to control their own ejaculation, he will notice, is not losing pleasure and satisfaction, it’s increase pleasure much more and feel orgasm capacity expanded, and he will be able to control the pleasure for longer.

Dry orgasm in Tantric Massage

After orgasm, ejaculation occurs, which is the elimination of seminal fluid through the urethra. And therefore, after ejaculation, the erection ends.

Many people understand that ejaculation is proof that the man has experienced orgasm, however, there is no direct relationship between these two events.

The man can reach orgasm and not ejaculate, in tantric massage we call this event a dry orgasm.

The purpose of dry orgasm in tantric massage is to enable men to have a successive series of orgasms without ejaculating and losing their erection. If ejaculation represents the end, then if it doesn’t, tantric massage can be more pleasurable and satisfying.

With tantric massage, in which one of the purposes is to know the body and channel sexual energy, it is possible to stimulate the practice of dry orgasm, giving man control of his body.

Many men who adhere to the tantric massage processes already enjoy this benefit, keeping their body in such control.

When it comes to learning more about tantra, there isn’t a shortage of places to turn to.

May Gonzalez, for example, is a highly-regarded tantra teacher who also offers tips and techniques to a better tantric practice.

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