Tantra beyond massage: Expanding spiritual awareness

Tantra is much more than massage: Expanding spiritual awareness. 

Tantric massage is a mix of powerful breathing techniques, meditation (mind control and expansion), ayurvedic massage (deep and therapeutic relaxation) and conscious touch (presence and connection with your body). 

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Based on and supported by the cosmic duality between Shiva and Shakti, or the feminine and masculine. This duality is connected with everything and everyone in our universe and leads us to unconditional love and expansion of consciousness.

Expanding spiritual awareness

Expanding the spiritual awareness is the raising of consciousness at higher levels, develop self-knowledge and expand perceptions about yourself.

When we look at into ourselves, we can choose to walk the path of understanding, acceptance, self-worth and forgiveness for ourselves and those around us.

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This is the primary understanding that leads to emotional intelligence.

In fact, we begin to understand and tune in to our feelings and emotions, understand the reactions they generate in our thoughts and behaviours and consequently expand our perception of reality.

In addition to paying attention to the energy that emanates in our body, that we can attract through your ideas and attitudes.

Tantra is much more than massage

Tantra is a positive gateway to emotional structure, perception of reality and understanding of the laws of the universe, essentially providing the basis for development as human beings and sexual self-knowledge.

Tantra is a complete path that unites spiritual connection and understanding human desire. 

The main tantric principle is that everything is connected with everything, therefore, sex is also connected with everything. And if you learn to channel that sexual energy properly, your perception of reality will also change and your awareness will expand. 

According to scholars, sexuality in tantra represents only 5% to 10% of what tantra has to offer, the other tantric studies include science, art, healing, energy, chakras, Kundalini, yoga, among other aspects of daily life.

Freud (neurologist and psychiatrist who created psychoanalysis) believed that sexual desire was the primary motivational energy of human life. His work gave rise to a new understanding of the human being, as an animal endowed with imperfect reason and influenced by his desires and feelings. According to Freud, the contradiction between these impulses and life in society generates psychic torment in the human being.

When we expand our perception, we see new possibilities, new desires and realities, harmonize mind and heart, reconnect with the “Higher Self”, embrace the divine, our feminine / masculine power within us increases and we free ourselves from fears, repressions, suffering and trauma.

Let’s start a new journey, discover new possibilities to live a harmonious and happy life. Get in touch with us and schedule a tantric massage today. 

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