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10 tips to improve the Sex Drive with Tantra Sex

Tantra Sex is a part of an ancient Hindu practice of expanding energy and awareness that promotes deeper intimacy using breath, touch, energy exchange and delayed orgasm.

Tantra Sex is an ancient practice that also metaphorically unites the physical and spiritual body. In it, the most important thing is not the sexual act itself, with penetration and everything else, but the preparation of the environment and other sensations resulting from the contact between two bodies.

So, there are tips to improve Tantra Sex and make this experience even better for those involved. Check out some tips below:

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1 - Care for the environment

Carefully prepare the place for tantric sex. Leave it clean and use your best sheet. Do not take your cell phone to your room and leave the television off if you have one in your room. Lock the door for privacy. If you have children, the ideal is to leave them with someone.

2 - Caprich in decoration

Add some flowers, incense or some flavoring to your liking. You should also pay attention to the lighting: half light is ideal.

Put a low light or light candles. Prepare a playlist in advance to help create an atmosphere.

I suggest leaving a basket with some fruits, breads, nuts, flavored water and a wine so that you can enjoy them during sex.

3 - Practice eye gazing and breathing

Look each other in the eye for about 10 minutes. Take a circular breath together, deep and rhythmic. Realize all the sensations that this moment of intimacy is giving you. Eye contact, combined with breathing, is very important in the energetic and in-person connection of the couple.

4 - Massage

Massage your partner. There are many videos on youtube for beginners of relaxing massages, be careful, loving, stimulate every point of your partner’s body. The touch of massage is able to relieve muscle tension and pain, improve blood circulation, immune system, mood and stress. Massage has a calming effect similar to meditation and reduces stress.

To enjoy the moment with more passion for two and increase the pleasure, the body needs to relax, try it!

5 - Movements

During sex, don’t be stagnant. Move your shoulders and hips back and forth, making circles to the right and left, forming an “eight”.

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Allow yourself to release your pelvis. Feel the harmony and connection with your partner, make slow movements, preferably only with the contraction of the muscles (pubococcygeus – from the pubic bone to the coccyx).

6 - Activation of chakras

In tantra, one also works with the so-called Kundalini energy, which is sexual energy. This energy is the most powerful that flows in our body. The awakening of this energy shows us our potential as a being.

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To work the awakening and expansion of this energy, it is necessary to promote the activation of the chakras and conscious breathing. At the time of sex, breathe and increase your energy with the help of breathing rising through all points.

7 - Smell

No perfume needed: take the opportunity to connect with your partner through the scent. Smell each other in different parts of the body. Feel the natural scent that begins to emerge when excitement comes.

8 - Sound

The sound is the noise of the soul, speaking spicy words is very stimulating, but try something different. Don’t just speak words, but also make sounds.

But beware! Nothing rehearsed or planned, just let it flow.

Listening to music also serves to create a climate and direct the status of the relationship, the sounds of the couple’s breathing are the greatest auditory aphrodisiac on the face of the Earth.

9 - Touch

Explore the bodies with your fingers and hands. Explore every bit, passing through the face, breasts, back, genitals and belly. Put your hands on someone so that you can feel both resilience and resistance. Embrace them with your hands. Giving or receiving a hand massage is another simple way to test your edge. You can also give or get a full-body massage. 

10 - Taste

Blindfolded and with a bit of mystery, put a piece of fruit or a little honey in your partner’s mouth. Suck a peppermint or some electrifying gum for sale in sex shops and kiss a lot.

Another way to upgrade your caress is to drink some bubbly drink – champagne, for example.

Try kissing while paying attention to everything that is happening. Pay attention to your partner’s lips, the texture of the mouth, the tongue, the temperature, whether the kiss is wet or dry. Explore sensations with your lips by rubbing them or taking light nibbles. Use the gustatory sense to taste the kiss, with all the details. This will help them to become more excited, to raise the level of desire and to be fully present and whole when they are in the relationship.

The proposal is to go through each bit without haste of your partner to feel the hairs, the pores prickly, details of the anatomy, the texture of areas that are usually neglected during foreplay such as the lateral part of the back and the inner thighs. Enjoy!

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