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Tantric Therapy and Genital Reflexology

In the genital reflexology the whole body becomes revitalized when all the surfaces of the genitals are stimulated. A network of reflex points corresponding to all areas of the body is located on both the penis and vagina, as on the feet and hands.

The genital reflexology areas corresponding to organs that do not get an adequate amount of stimulation may become anergetically deficient and begin to cause dysfunction.

A principle of Reflexology is that where there is a cluster of nerve endings in the body, applying pressure to that cluster can affect other parts of the body. Typically, this is thought of in terms of the nerve endings in the feet. May Gonzalez

Genital reflexology in tantric massage is important because it stimulates all parts of the sexual organs, internally and externally, in women some muscles are the main players in orgasm and in the control of the pelvic floor and in men they work together to support erection and ejaculations, the stimulation of both allows excitement to flourish for much longer.

Genital reflexology has areas with high density of nerves and muscles, such as the pubococcygeal muscles, when stimulated correctly, they also bring a powerful body awareness and are excellent stimuus for pleasure.

The sexual organs can be extremely sensitive and can trigger incredible sensations, but most people do not realize that the genitals contain some of the most powerful reflex points in the human body and are not in the habit of stimulating their own bodies.

Some of the techniques of Lingam massage or Yoni massage, are mainly focused on these incredible muscles. Genital reflexology in tantric therapy offers a way to realign and rebalance these points because the human body is interconnected. Each sexual organ has its ideal reflex points, which can be stimulated, where, exactly, a greater sexual stimulus can be felt.

for men

According to studies, when the head of the penis is stimulated too much, more than the axis, the reflex will be felt in the heart and lungs and both will be over-stimulated, which can cause poor circulation, anxiety, breathing problems and even sadness. 







With regard to male pleasure, the ideal point of reflexology of the penis is the frenulum or bridle – soft part of the side under the penis, shaped like a “V” under the glans, as it has a crucial function during the process of erection and penile rest.

for woman

For women, another great point of pleasure, in addition to the well-known G point, is the PC muscle, or pubococcygeus, this muscle controls the flow of urine, the ability to open and close the urethra, anus and vagina, it is this muscle that it has the power to contract allowing magnificent orgasmic experiences.




In the case of women, if the clitoris receives too much stimulus, and other parts of the vulva are ignored, it can lead to an imbalance of the kidneys, and cause memory loss, bladder conditions, back or knee pain and more.

Studies of traditional Chinese medicine show that there are five main organs that correspond to our genitals and that control all activities of life

The benefits of genital reflexology in tantric massage

As these concepts and practices are related to health, healing and well-being, below we list some benefits of genital reflexology in Tantra, which can bring great benefits to our health and also some causes of some of our body’s inferno.

1) Liver:

Healthy: Feeling generous, caring, sympathetic and confident.

Sick: Feeling frustrated, greedy and angry.

2) Spleen:

Healthy: Feeling grounded, centered, and open.

Sick: Consumed with anxiety, stress and worry.

3) Lungs:

Healthy: Feeling present, awake, and alive.

Sick: Feeling depressed, regretful, and self-critical.

4) Heart:

Healthy: Feeling content, enthusiastic and joy for no reason.

Sick: Feeling thoughtless, impatient, and lazy.

5) Kidney:

Healthy: Feeling at peace, calm and gentle.

Sick: Feelings of shame, guilt and fear.

Healing and Blockages

In Tantra Massage, the attention given to specific areas of the vagina and penis and can bring specific heling effects and may remove blockages of various tipes. 

The most coomom beneficial and important effects of genital reflexology are the heling and even removal os psychosomatic blockages, especially in the case of vagina of the woman. A woman´s vagina hold many tensions and various pains may be experiences, genital relfexology massage is very effective way to heal and remove those blockages.

If you want to heighten your pleasures and your health, without overthinking the specifics, consider experimenting Tantric Therapy.

Tantric Therapy stimulate new areas in your body, genital zones and specifics erougenous zones also, than can send tremendous sexual energy to places that need it the most, ultimately benefiting your overall health.

When it comes to learning more about tantra, there isn’t a shortage of places to turn to. 

May gonzalez, for example, is highly-regarded tantra teacher and therapist who also offering tips and techniques to a better tantric practice.

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