The Yoni Massage in Tantra

The Yoni Massage in Tantra is very important for a woman to heal yourself. During the massage, a woman’s spiritual essence is explored in all its magnificence. The female essence is unveiled through love, devotion and compassion, fuelled by sexual ecstasy and emotional flow, and based on trusting and heeding the messages given by our intuition.

Our feminine power resides in our sacred centre, our pelvic bowl, our vagina and wombs. And this is also where we store our traumas, our griefs and all unexpressed emotions; in our wombs and in the walls of our vaginas.

In fact, when we unlock tensions, we unlock more of our full body orgasmic capacity, and the more our feminine essence and magnetism increases. We access the pleasure and bliss and the embodied peace of our inherent nature.

Why the women should try the Yoni Massage?

  • The Yoni Massage in tantric massage will help you to connect with or rediscover your sacred feminine essence, awakening your goddess inside you.
  • You can feel sexual energy and intimate in any part of your body, clear and release of your energy blockages and focus on relaxing, receiving, and surrendering to yourself.
  • You become more aware of how pleasurable and fantastic it is to have a female body, overcome body image issues, how sex, sensuality for pleasure, relaxation, soul and spirit growth is such a defining key to feminine essence.
  • You’re allow the power of love to manifest more fully in your life.
  • You can discover & awake soul purpose.

The Yoni Massage Therapy (Genital touch)

The Yoni Massage in Tantra is viewed as therapeutic and is sometimes introduced as a method of relieving tension of the vagina, numbness or pain inside or the walls of the vagina, the Yoni Massage allowing it to become more responsive, soft, and receptive to pleasure and love-making. It has been claimed by practitioners to be helpful to achieve fertilization, although there is no scientific support for this position.

Women store their emotion and trauma in the walls of the vagina. This can result in loss of sensation and lack of desire for sex.

The purpose of the Yoni Massage is healing, and the orgasm can sometimes result. Or if perceived inability to orgasm is the issue, then orgasm could be the intention of the Yoni Massage Ritual. Otherwise, the only other intentions of the therapist are to be present, nurturing, kind, supportive and sisterly towards you.

You will be guided to drop into the experience, stay connected with yourself, and practice surrendering to pleasure: – the feminine principle.

The Ritual without Yoni Intimate Touch

This is also a full body massage with long flowing strokes to unite your whole body and spread the energy. Particular attention is paid to unblock your chakras, expand your mind, conciseness and sensibilities spots, not including the yoni. The session will conclude with the therapist integrating your yoni with the rest of your body, soul and spirit. After the Tantric Ritual, you can rest wrapped in a blissful sense of fullness for a small slice of eternity.

Start your journey towards the discoveries of new sensations and self-knowledge.

When it comes to learning more about tantra, there isn’t a shortage of places to turn to. 

May Gonzalez, for example, is highly-regarded tantra teachers who also offering tips and techniques to a better tantric practice.

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