Pornography Addiction: What It Is and Treatments

Pornography addiction refers to a person’s need to consume pornography to the extent that it interferes with their daily life, relationships, and ability to function effectively in sexual relationships.

It also influences their sex education and the need to think that pornographic sex is the only way to feel pleasure.

This addiction is more prevalent than one might think. And some experts consider pornography addiction a sexual disorder – an umbrella term that includes behaviors like excessive masturbation, for example.

It is known in TANTRA that pleasure, however intense, must be fully controlled, and therefore ejaculation (or explosive orgasms) must be avoided.

Unfortunately, mostly in the Western, there are beginners who still have a lot of trouble understanding and controlling these new ways of experiencing sexuality and thus involuntary ejaculations still occur. For all these reasons, it is said that at least one hour after every Tantric technique all sexual manifestations (masturbation included) are prohibited; the aim of this rule is to avoid the risk of losing the energy and instead allow it to be used fully for much higher purposes.

Most research on addiction suggests that it activates regions of the brain associated with motivation and reward.

Specifically, addiction alters the dopamine system in the brain.

It is analogous to the pattern of a person with psychoactive substance dependence who consumes the drug, as he receives an intense flow of dopamine, causing feelings of pleasure and reward.

What Is Pornography? (Is there a healthy consumption pattern?)

Pornography consists of any content that contains sexually appealing scenes or images. It is what some consider obscene.

Already the exaggerated consumption of this type of content is called addiction to pornography.

The number of men and women who can say that they have never viewed pornography of any kind is minimal.

If it exists at all, as researcher Simon Lajeunesse points out in the video titled “The Great Porn Experiment“.

Because, with the internet, pornography is easy to access: available 24/7, free and private. An almost infinite amount and variety of access possibilities.

And this happens mainly because the consumption of pornography has become increasingly common and an action and this consumption no longer brings shame as before.

For many, it is seen as ordinary entertainment.

In the past, in the face of pornography presented in print magazines, the habit of viewing pornography was not necessarily harmful to health.

Understand What Is Pornography Addiction

The biggest problem is when pornography becomes an addiction.

In the theoretical field, there are discussions about whether the problem is an addiction or a compulsion.

For those seeking help, given the available intervention techniques, there is no significant difference.

From the easy access provided by the internet, many build an unhealthy relationship with pornography.

However, the fact that pornography addiction is not unanimously accepted as a disorder by scholars, for those who study the subject, this problem deserves attention.

An initially pleasurable activity becomes increasingly sought after, to the point where it undermines daily activities and personal relationships.

Pornography addiction can be accompanied by physical dependence and severe withdrawal symptoms.

And therefore, withdrawal syndromes can be compared to those experienced by alcohol and drug users.

Some of the symptoms reported by people addicted to pornography are: loss of interest in the partner (a), sexual compulsion, erectile dysfunction, social anxiety, delayed ejaculation, premature ejaculation, and consequences in sexual life.

Not only are there psychological damages, but there may also be physical damages, such as pain, discomfort or even infections and injuries caused by excessive masturbation.

Pornography and the Brain

Research points out that pornography acts directly on the reward system of the brain.

Thus, the brain reward circuit is responsible for experiencing pleasure, however, it can be the developer of addictions.

Dopamine, known as the substance of pleasure, regulates the reward circuit and orders us to do everything that guarantees survival, so it can be understood as our ‘want’.

So pornography floods the brain with dopamine.

From then on, thanks to the unlimited availability of pornography on the internet, as soon as the dopamine level starts to drop, the individual seeks more, keeping the levels high for hours.

This flood of dopamine happens due to a biologically programmed mechanism.

This mechanism involves the elevation of dopamine levels after introducing a new sexual partner, and this is evidenced in scientific research that deals with the Coolidge Effect.

Several international studies have reported the serious consequences of pornography addiction.

According to these studies, one of the most common consequences is erectile dysfunction.

Other problems that have been linked to pornography addiction are: voyeurism, lack of energy, will or courage, and lack of initiative to court a sexual partner in the real world.

There are some diagnoses that seem to be related to pornography addiction: concentration problems, memory impairment, ADHD – Attention Deficit Disorder, depression, performance anxiety and OCD – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

There is evidence that the symptoms of the above psychological disorders could be lessened or suppressed if addiction to pornography is abandoned.

What Are The Origins Of Pornography Addiction?

Due to the controversy surrounding the idea of pornography addiction, researchers have yet to identify a clear set of causes and origins.

However, this absence of origins suggests that the very idea that pornography addiction exists may be one of the main causes of the anxiety that some people experience when viewing pornography.

Experts and advocates who endorse the existence of pornography addiction argue that, like other addictions, it is a complex issue with a range of possible causes.

Some of these causes may include:

  • underlying mental health conditions: a person may use pornography to escape psychological distress;
  • relationship problems: pornography can be an outlet for sexual dissatisfaction;
  • harmful cultural norms: ideas about how people should look and behave during sex, the types of sex a person should enjoy, and similar norms may attract some people to pornography, and
  • Biological causes: Certain biological factors, including changes in brain chemistry when a person views pornography, can increase the risk of addiction.

What Are The Consequences Of Pornography Addiction?

Many people only realize that pornography addiction is behind many problems, when the consequences begin to significantly affect their lives.

Here we list some of those consequences:

  • difficulty or impossibility of creating and maintaining social or sentimental relationships;
  • feelings of depression, shame, and isolation;
  • difficulty relating to family members or partners;
  • loss of interest in other activities such as work, school, social life, and others;
  • loss of performance at work and/or studies;
  • associated drug use;
  • sexual dysfunctions such as Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction;
  • development of acute withdrawal symptoms;
  • tendency to get involved in unhealthy relationships;
  • loss of sexual attractiveness;
  • loss of interest in actual sexual intercourse.

How to Get Rid of Pornography Addiction?

There are many ways to REeducate, RElearn and seek help from a qualified professional.

Behavioral Therapy

In this context, this therapeutic modality builds, with the patient, efficient ways to abandon the addiction based on the development/training of social skills, learning or relearning new sources of pleasure in life, setting goals and self-control techniques.

The best way to treat it is to seek help.

Therefore, psychologists, sexologists, therapists and support groups can help those who are affected by this condition.

As well as, on the Internet itself, there are services that can help: therapeutic treatment can be enhanced with participation in support groups and forums on the Internet, where people with the same problem exchange experiences.

Authentic Tantra Massage Teachings

Authentic Tantric massage is a tool that can effectively contribute to curing this addiction. Tantra works on the sexual energy directed towards oneself, that is, it makes the person perceive their own orgasmic sensations without projecting them onto the other. It is a totally different projective movement than usual, as we are taught and used to project only outwards. It is a fact that we design everything in our lives, such as work, study, goals, people, desires and so on. We are projective beings and the most important thing is to be aware of what we are directing this projection, which is guided by a powerful energy, that is, sexual energy.

Sex Coach

Sex Coach guides, helps, assists, mentors coachees (students, patients or clients) to have a better quality of life, mainly in the sexual sphere, based on a client’s pain, an emotional, psychological problem, limiting beliefs, of low self-esteem or even physical, which in this case, identifying the problem, the Sex Coach directs to a specialist doctor to work together.

To know more about my work as a Sex Coach, click here.

Tips That Can Help Get Rid of Pornography Addiction

In addition to the treatments mentioned above, some tips can help speed up the healing process:

– Acknowledge You Have a Problem:

The first step to any kind of healing is recognizing the problem.

When addiction is denied, there is no possibility of a complete cure, as the person is not dedicated to achieving sobriety and is resistant to the treatments offered.

– Find a Professional Help:

Once the problem is recognized, the second step is to seek professional help.

Psychologists, doctors and behavioral therapists can help in many cases.

With the follow-up of one or more specialized professionals, the way to live in a healthy way will certainly become easier.

– Avoid Loneliness

Try to share your feelings with someone you trust. Talking about your difficulties, anxieties and tensions about treatment can help you stay away from pornography.

If you live alone and feel that this might interfere with your abstinence, try to spend as much time with friends and family as possible, so you are unlikely to be interested in connecting with pornography.

Pornography and Tantra

Authentic Tantra teachings don’t teach you masturbation, they don’t teach you the best ejaculation techniques or much less how to feel the best orgasms masturbating.

Tantra teaches you how to live in harmony with your body, with your pleasure, it provides you with quality sexual re-education, not dealing with your vices and dysfunctions.

Being emotionally dependent on pornography will severely interfere with individuals’ relationships with those around them and impair their ability to function well. Pornography addiction can have long-term results if not recognized early on. Understanding the signs early and seeking help is the first step in moving forward. Getting help from professionals, groups, and understanding friends and family is essential.

And finally, if you don’t have any knowledge about Tantra I suggest reading my articles. In some way it will help you to RE-educate yourself.

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