What is a Sex Coach & Sex (ReEducation)

Sex education seeks to teach and clarify issues related to sex, free of prejudice and taboos.

My exclusively approach of Sex Coach & Sex (ReEducation) is guides people to develop health sex lives, build relationships, healing heart break, realize they need to break some taboo, overcome shyness or other difficulties that prevent a person to embrace their feeling. 

I guide people to fulfil their sexual desires. The main objective is to provide greater self-knowledge and, with that, internal tools for the to obtain more positive results in this matter.

According to my experience and knowledge as a Tantra Teacher, I’ll guide you to be on queries like – How to become the best lovers? How one should gain happiness through a good sex life?

The human being is deprived of quality Sexual Education and knowledge of his own body is a taboo, I will be guiding each coachee exclusively according to personal needs and number of sessions.

It is a coaching process like any other, only in this case, the subject to be addressed is in the sexual sphere.

Tantra aims to rescue our body awareness, stimulate sensuality and thus also increase vital energy, intuition, fullness and sustainability of our body’s energy. And through some tools, I will bring this knowledge to my coachee.

What is a coach?

Coaching is a process of learning wherein an individual takes guidance and support from an experienced person (called a coach) and seeks to maximize their potential. 

The objective of coaching is to help a client achieve their goals; both personal and work-related through a series of training sessions.

Nowadays, there is a greater awareness of self-improvement and people are eager to develop essential life skills. 

Coaching enables a person to learn from the experts in the field in a structured and efficient manner.

What is a coachee?

A person who receives training from a coach.

The coachee formulate their own coaching goals while the coaches are there only to assists in making these goals more concrete, and in helping coachee to achieve these goals.

How is it work?

Sex Coach & Sex(ReEducation) is a process that, through questions, aims to outline an action plan for a certain objective to be achieved. This goal needs to be specific, achievable, and time-bound. The process will identify what is preventing, the degree of responsibility of the individual, and provide the basis for the Coachee to apply.

For example, for the female audience, providing what is necessary to know that she can be comfortable with her own body and take charge of herself in many ways.

Although the example above was about the female audience, it is observed that my work is directed to everyone.

But does the Sex Coach go into action together with the Coachee?

Not. In the sessions, there will only be conversations about what is happening and tasks may arise to be put into practice outside the session, without the participation of the Coach. The professional will be someone to guide through the tools of Coaching and will not use their personal judgment.

Is Sex Coach a sex teacher?

Not. I am a professional who will use tools to identify positive points and points to improve and through these tools, stipulate together with the Coachee, what must be done so that positive results increase.

And since it is not about teacher and student, it is not about classes, neither theoretical nor practical.

For whom is the Sex Coach & Sex (ReEducation) process suggested?

For people who identify the need to improve their intimate sex life, to know their internal anatomy, their energetic body or their own sexuality. Or that you need to break some taboos, limiting beliefs. Whatever your sexual orientation.

To participate in the process, the person needs to be prepared to look at the points that limit them. And be willing to change.

How does it work?

The entire process takes place through conversation, with secrecy, discretion and professionalism.

The number of sessions will be defined according to each case, after the first contact between May Gonzalez and her coachee.

In the process, the main individual objective will be identified and later, the strengths to be leveraged and the points to be improved for your personality as a whole and for each specific point will be identified.

To participate in the process, the person needs to be prepared to look at the points that limit them. And be willing to change.

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