Womb Awakening – Awakening the shaman within

Womb Awakening is a workshop created with love and pure intention to teach and healing you, it is a deep dive into your female internal doorways, ancestral and millennial knowledge that will encompass and expand your female knowledge.

A powerful, welcoming and respectful new knowledge experience to engaged your personal journey searching for truth, who always was destined to find again and reclaim your inner freedom and your own full potential, combine with your spiritual and healing path. It is the rescue of positive sexuality for women. Every woman deserves to recognize herself and feel pleasure.

Despite the taboos of society, the guilt, the shame, the rush of the day, the fears, the endless to-do lists… every woman inhabits a physical body that is alive, erogenous and full of sensorial landscapes and possibilities of pleasure that deserve to be discovered.

But how to discover them?

Knowledge! There is a way, a pillar of knowledge passed and taught, I will give you some. Womb Awakening is a possibility that you will get to know yourself. I am going to lead you on a step by step tour of your intimate genital reflexology points, erogenous zone, ancestral knowledge, so that your will know exactly what is that you need to create your own path.

But before proposing new positive paths and new possibilities, we need to contextualize everyday challenges.

What does the culture value?

Historically, our culture highly values ​​cognitive intelligence, but of little importance for the intelligence of the body and for our potent sensorially. Knowing how to analyse data is more important and valued than knowing how to dance. A productive day never gains the same relevance as a rest day.

These are the traits of a capitalist society that, in order to survive, needs to feed off the time of people’s lives, making them devote all their energy to duties and obligations.

The death of our senses

There is little interest in pauses, in relaxation, in delight, because people need to feel called all the time to be at the service of productivity and consumption to turn this great wheel and feed the profit, which rarely returns to the pocket of who put the greatest effort into work.

Inside this capitalist machine, we are just cogs and not people with sensorial and erogenous bodies full of possibilities of pleasure.

We forget to feel, to touch, to love.

We forget how our body works, we forget that we are primordial beings, Mother Goddess, creator of all life, source of pleasure, path to transcendence: in Tantra the woman and her mystery are the heart of Tantra, they are the essence of her millennial message.

Tantra is of matrilineal matriarchal lineage, Tantra is feminine.

The lack of incentives

The woman is not encouraged to explore her own strength and fulfilment. Submissive to man’s authority, she must identify with masculine perceptions and their spiritual ideals, deny the body, stifle her sexuality, shape her conception of the world in a masculine way.

The importance of self-knowledge

With that, discovering our ancestral origins, our sacred feminine, how our physical and spiritual bodies are connected, discovering our sensory and pleasurable possibilities is something challenging, as they often feel guilt, fear, shame about exploring their own sexuality either individually or in relationships affective.

It is very common that in childhood we are hindered from the self-exploratory and sensory discoveries of our body by those responsible around us.

As a result, we make adult women who know very little about themselves and their own pleasures.

The vision of Tantra

For Tantra, first of all, it is essential that the Woman emerges from the woman, who is realizing what she truly is, that this is taken to the vision of herself and the world, that she integrates it in her life.

Every woman is a Goddess, that is, the channelling of an ultimate, living and present cosmic energy, even if she knows it.

Therefore, the woman must change her attitude towards her own mystery, and the real mystery is that of Life, because our personal life, whether male or female, began in the mother’s womb.

Mother Goddess, she also embodies the principle of Eros, she is Shakti, and primordial energy, from which the manifest universe emerges, intuitive, sensitive and united to the cosmic rhythms that she captures, she knows the secrets of life and health, of plants and flowers. She understands the depths of the human soul.

But the real woman is what? And who? Good question! Whose fault is it that we are far from ourselves, from our body, from our knowledge, from our power? Who should we blame? The woman or the patriarchy that suffocates her?

Nature is matrifocal, that is, in it the woman is the focus and don’t forget that! It is easy and indisputable to know who the mother is, as for the father, it is quite different!

Feel welcomed, it’s not just you!

Your inner journey

Every journey begins with the first step, and as you begin this pilgrimage into your womb, step by step you will become more and more open to receive. Your energy will begin to flow freely again. Ideas will come to you. You will magnetize good fortune. As you follow the voice of your womb, your inner guide, you will find your true way again.

First and the foremost this pilgrimage is a healing journey, to reclaim your vitality, your emotional ease, your creative power, your connection with the flow of life, it’s about to developing an intimate relationship with your body and discovering that underneath your everyday life, there is a wild, wise, erotic, sensual creature who plays, feels pleasure and knows.

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