What is Tantric counseling?

Tantric counselling is a process, a methodology, a set of skills and knowledge created, adapted and developed by me that can be learned and developed by absolutely anyone to achieve a goal in personal or professional life, up to 20 times faster, proven to improve the love life or self-knowledge by exploring its potentialities, joys and pleasures in any aspect of life: affective-sexual relationships, work, family, leisure, dreams and achievements. 

Tantric teachings were woven into a holistic set of methods and practices incorporated into Ayurvedic massage to create a powerful and effective healing and strengthening modality.

How does a tantric counseling session work?

Tantric counseling sessions are a combination of tools, including contemporary sex education, basic understanding of sexuality and intimacy, notions about trauma and limiting beliefs, breathing work, communication and connection exercises, instructions for creating a sacred space at home and ritualistic guidance personalized.

Who can do it?

Tantric counseling is suitable for singles and couples of any gender identity, sexual preference or age. With short sessions adapted and integrated before the tantric massage or individual sessions that can last from 60 minutes to 90 minutes, although longer or shorter sessions are available.

All sessions are personalized lessons according to each client, with specific tools to better support each individual or couple.

What is it for?

The tantric counseling session is designed to meet individual or relationship needs: reconnection, self-exploration and your relationship as a spiritual and transformational path, deep desire, deep plunge into intimacy, experience of pleasure, enhanced communication or healing, personal and relationship will be addressed during the conversation.

The practice of Tantra teaches us how to dance with polarity, how to connect with the natural world through our body, helps to calm and regulate the nervous system, expanding our potential for pleasure, creating a safe container for all our human experiences. A safe container allows the release of traumas and emotional blocks, allowing us to experience more pleasant intimacy and creativity in all areas of life.

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