8 best female vibrators for beginner

A brilliant idea and even a revolutionary milestone for the world, was the creation of the vibrators, its only function is to provide pleasure, be it in relationships or even in a solo career.

What is a vibrator?

The vibrator is an erotic device or accessory whose only functionality is the proportion of pleasure for those who use it, it can be used both in sexual intercourse or in masturbation, having a variety of sizes, ways and functions.

How was the vibrator created?

The vibrator was created during the 19th century for patients who had anxiety, hysteria and even melancholy, it was a created object, totally focused on the female universe and it has been improving over the years.

Can everyone use vibrators?

Yes, everyone can use vibrators, in cases of pregnant women or women with vaginismus it is recommended that you hear the opinion of a gynecologist to prevent damage and risks.

Discover the 9 best vibrators for those who want to innovate and reinvent themselves

After all, who does not want to know more about a revolutionary object for the female universe, although it is a very persistent taboo in our society, it is not an object of shame but of pleasure, which must be used and abused daily (preferably).

Check out the best vibrators to innovate and reinvent yourself and stimulate the clitoris.

1.Clitoris Vacuum Stimulator

The female clitoris vacuum stimulator has been one of the favourite of the quarantine, it is known for its seven-wave suction system and differentiated sensations of pleasure and even suction, with up to seven different types of suctions.

The suck massager is designed to simulate realistic oral pleasure, sucks and vibrates the clitoris or nipples with from gentle to wild, let you have the new climax experience

2. Magic Wand Vibrators

This vibrator is great for those who want intense and pleasurable vibrations in all your external erogenous zones, being a great ally for those who want comfort, as the material is composed of velvety silicone.

Perfect for stimulating external hotspots, wand vibrators are versatile, powerful and a must-have addition to your sex toy collection.

3. Lush vibrator

The Lush vibrator is ideal for tantric therapies and to exercise the pc muscles, by an internal vibrator and specially created for the G-spot, with intense, deep and rumble orgasms and tremors with Bluetooth cell phone and manual control.

4. Mini Wand Massager

Pocket-size for storing in a draw, or for travelling. But, don’t underestimate the power due to its size, either. Perfect to explore your body with the external stimulation, spend some time navigating the pleasure points of your body and play around with different techniques, settings, and positions.

5. Mini Bullet Vibrator

Mini Bullet Vibrator is for those who want discreet and very small vibrators, it is great to carry in the bag and be able to enjoy yourself anytime and anywhere, it is a great clitoral stimulant and can even be used in sexual intercourse.

6. Rabbit vibrator

This type of feminine vibrator made in the shape of a phallic shaft for vaginal stimulation with a clitoral stimulator attached to the shaft give more intense sensations than a traditional dildo or just a clitoral stimulator because of providing simultaneous vaginal and clitoral stimulation.

7. Dolphin Vibrator

Delicate, discreet, powerful, capable of providing unparalleled stimulation and excitement. It has a curved shape, imitating a dolphin, which allows stimulation of the G-Spot and the clitoris. Perfect for exploring new erogenous areas, massaging and stimulating the entire body.

8. Finger Vibrator

Finger vibrator is an erotic accessory used to stimulate the clitoral region, it has massaging bristles that help increase pleasure. It can also be used to stimulate the breasts, has undulations and perfect positioning for fitting the fingers and the base of the hand, with a vibrating capsule of 7 intense vibrations.

Precautions you should take before using vibrators

In fact, vibrators are intended solely for pleasure, but care must be taken before using them.

1. Know the store/manufacturer before buying

This is a care that you must take care of and support before buying, mainly because it is a product that will be introduced into intimate parts, see their manufacturers’ molds, their compositions and especially which materials were used in the composition of the products.

2. Use lubrication

Betting on good lubrication can revolutionize your use and experience with vibrators, it’s a great way out for those who have vaginismus and want to explore their limits more.

3. Know how and where it should be used

Yes, before buying or even starting your commands with the vibrator, know how to use it and especially its function.

With the diversity of erotic functions that they provide, some divergence may occur when using them, so it is important that you know how to differentiate between their functions.

4. In cases of sexual intercourse, always ask the partner if he wants you to use the vibrator

As we do not know what our partner’s reaction will be when we arrive with the vibrator, it is interesting that you always ask a few hours before if he/she is uncomfortable with the practices that will be done/used by you.

5. Do not use third-party vibrators

It is nice that you always have your own vibrator that knows the origin of this product, so it is interesting that you always have your own vibrator and after using it in some sexual relations it is sterilized and clean.

More accessories for you pleasure

Vibrators became well known and desired temporarily, as well as vibrators, there are other sexual objects that can revolutionize sex/masturbation in a high way, namely:

Vaginal Dilator

Vaginal dilators are accessories that help not only in the treatment of Vaginismus, but also of various sexual dysfunctions. The ideal when talking about Vaginismus is always to be evaluated by a qualified professional.

Cock ring

They are accessories intended for the male audience who wish to delay ejaculation. Some models, by the way, even have a mini vibrator attached to stimulate the partner’s clitoris, increasing the pleasure of the experience for the couple.

Kit kegel balls

With the proper use of kegel balls, it is possible to train the pelvic floor muscles and reinforce this “intimate gymnastics”. While this element can also be used as a sex toy, it can help develop new pompoir skills.

Kegel toys can help to strengthen your inner muscles for a tighter vagina, improved continence, and even more powerful orgasms, you can discover the best workout for you. 

I indicate and reinforce the use of vibrators, accessories and among other erotic products should not be kept in taboo formats but in new formats of sex.

Some doctors even recommend the use of vibrators for women with difficulty reaching orgasm, whether with a partner or not, and in some cases for women who suffer from vaginismus, they are used for self-knowledge and to establish limits. .

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